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    Hercules Rob Fold

    This came up while I was browsing YouTube. It has all the things I look for in a bike, except I'm not looking for a mid-motor. It's also a bit pricey for me! Central battery, hub gears, steering stabiliser, centre stand. I could not understand the German, as I'm only fluent in stupidity, but it...
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    Thorn frames I thought these might be of help to someone. I like the eccentric bottom bracket for hub gears.
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    Lovely frame - but heavy! All you could want in a frame, but a bit heavy! I was tempted, but age and lack of space are a problem.
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    Rad Runner - useful bike. Just found this. Not too keen on the tyres, but useful, well thought-out and 250 watt version available in EU. Good price as well.
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    Bald and bankrupt on a bike.

    I think I've posted in the right place, now.
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    Where's Bixby?

    I'm not sure if this has ever been posted on this site, but I was sent an email about Bixby:
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    Freecycle London 2019 My brother just told me he is going to this, so thought I would post it. Too far for me, I'm afraid.
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    Packa cargo bike This is a well-thought out bike. Good video on EBR.
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    Folding cargo bike

    Just found this: I've only found the video for the unpowered version, but I like the idea. I will keep searching.
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    Cargo bike frame

    Okay, so I am off sick and with time on my hands. I found this company who manufactures frames. If I have read it correctly, their price is 68 US dollars. With...
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    Juiced Bikes new video. there is a new video appeared on this site for 2017. He certainly does not stand still with regard to his designs. Not everything to my taste, but his cargo bike still stands out. There are a lot of 20 inch-wheeled bikes around now, even one on 50 Cycles, but they...
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    Recumbent delivery vehicles I thought this looked promising. Amazing how the German Post Office has bought more electric bikes, while ours just drives around in vans, chucking the delivery man/woman out...
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    Pro-Rider bikes.

    Has anyone any experience of these bikes? It seems very similar to the Woosh Santana I bought over three years ago, for £625, yet this is priced at £599. The firm looks very supportive. It may appeal to people...
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    New video for juiced Bikes

    When the shop-owner can get a few words in, he explains things well!
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    Practical PowaByke- at a good price. Just seen this on the EBikes Direct site. I'm not sure what the gearing is. Looks like the sort of bike you can just hop on and use.
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    Well, it's electric... I found this while looking at an article on a bike that IKEA have made available. Interesting website, with their attitude towards bikes in general.
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    Where's Bixby? This came to my in-box today. An interesting interview.
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    Juiced Riders cargo bike frame and forks

    I noticed today, on the Juiced Riders website: that a frame and forks are listed for sale. I enquired, and Tora Harris took the time to get back to me, asking how many people would be interested, which is why I have posted on here. He also pointed out that he was...
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    Woosh Santana transplant.

    p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } Well. I've finally got my bike on the road, with all the bits fitted that I wanted. My Woosh Santana did me well, covering over five thousand miles over two years and three months. It was used virtually every day of the year. Having used it for...
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    It must be true - it's in the Guardian..