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  1. jonathan75

    Problem with front of donor bike rattling

    Hi, would anyone please know what's going wrong here? Something seems to be loose. I've posted a YouTube video link below. It's a Montague Urban I'm hoping to electrify. Thanks, Jonathan
  2. jonathan75

    Ebike driving licence in Israel

    This is a shame because Israel is probably a great place to see by ebike. They have beautiful flat cycle paths all the way through the desert roads, created quickly apparently by unrolling long belts of some two-inch thick material probably made with recycled car tyres,next to the asphalt road...
  3. jonathan75

    Scam scam scammity scam

    £700 (more like £350 but anyway) ebike for £99 (!) with free worldwide shipping, from 3-day-old website linked to on Facebook ad. No address, no 'about us' section, ID set to private... at Given the existence of chargeback, I don't know why the scammers bother...
  4. jonathan75

    Hydrogen pedelec rental in Biarritz (hopefully)

    (after the G7). What's a shame I think is if I remember correctly Biarritz is pretty hilly so I'm not sure the 250w motors are going to last long. £7.5k bikes and all.
  5. jonathan75

    Poorly Bafang CST 180mm: trouble disassembling (some screws not budging)

    1) Would anyone have any tips on how to get these screws out please? So far thoughts include that of buying a moderately large new screwdriver, asking LBS if he can have a go. 2) My motor/controller-tester box said the motor had at least two faults. Would anyone know what might be steps (or of...
  6. jonathan75

    Blue power-on light won't switch off on 48v Dolphin battery. Also beep & battery power-off on 36v.

    As above. 48v. Samsung batteries. Not ridden in anger for a year. Button for off switch pops in and out as it should but stays blue. It began when I put the battery on my bike after resoldering some of the bike's wiring. There had been no power going through the system. Still no power now...
  7. jonathan75

    Any suggestions for which USB devices are good for discharging an ebike battery for upkeep purposes?

    Hi all, For various reasons I often go for very long periods without using my ebike, but I know the battery still requires a bit of a charge every few weeks to keep it healthy, and every now and then, a good 'balance-charge'. But - these often take it right up to full, especially if I leave it...
  8. jonathan75

    Electronics question unrelated to ebikes.

    There is often wonderful electronics advice on this forum, I know a lot of you are naturals on that (perhaps why you've gravitated to ebikes!), and so I wanted to ask for advice on an un-ebike-related matter on which I need a bit of help. Just bought a new car stereo, and after I fitted it...
  9. jonathan75

    'Cycle priority crossing'

    Love the way even the sun is shining in the top photo. Photo David Hembrow (cycling infrastructure maven).
  10. jonathan75

    Pain in sensitive bits when cycling

    I discovered that one of these cured my major posterior pain when cycling. A fellow pedelecer verifies it worked for him also. They have a channel down the middle so the bits with the nerves aren't compressed. Whereas it was torture to cycle before it's now not an issue. This kinda thing but...
  11. jonathan75

    Alien Power Systems selling Cycle Analysts v3 DPS with shunt, cheap

    I've just bought mine, they're normally about £150 for the CA v3 DPS and the shunt, shipped (or more if buying direct from Grin Tech and paying customs etc), selling for £120 + £6 postage. They've got two left.
  12. jonathan75

    BMSBattery/PayPal buyer protection warning for "extra shipping cost"

    A warning to fellow pedelecers that when BMSBattery send you an email like this: "hi, we are sending your order by DHL ,but your shipping cost is not enough ,you need to pay extra $25." as they have just done with me, you need to be aware that if your entire order is made via more than one...
  13. jonathan75

    Aliexpress scammer dilemma

    So I don't know whether to play hardball for a few more bucks refund for a controller case i bought for $18.38US (£11.75), which said it was "white coloured" in the headline and in the photo, and turned out to be the standard mid-grey. The photo had just been photoshopped. I bought it just to...
  14. jonathan75

    18650 explosion ('EE power bar')

    God only knows what happened here. EE, the UK mobile phone company, have been handing out free 18650s encased in a plastic USB charger, and one of them blew up and set someone's flat alight, burning her when she tried to put the flames out. Perhaps EE's buyer got the batteries off...
  15. jonathan75

    Has anyone sought single vehicle approval and insurance, for a 250-1000w 15.5mph ebike?

    I mean an ebike (perhaps including throttle) with pedals, per page 8 of this MSVA pdf guide ("[a] low powered moped is a 2 or 3 wheeled vehicle with pedals, auxiliary propulsion not exceeding 1kW and a maximum design speed of not more than 25 km/h.") -) How easy was getting single vehicle...
  16. jonathan75

    Cycle touring in Europe - whether to use an integrated or external controller

    As the title goes - I'm planning a European cycle tour, and can't decide to go with an integrated or external controller. The integrated (the new 09-bottle-battery-type, it's part of the lockable battery setup) seems more difficult to vandalise or steal. However if anything goes wrong with...
  17. jonathan75

    Bafang CST 180mm vibration/resonance at low revs when using KU93 controller

    Hi all, I've just installed my KU93 but there's a slightly disconcerting resonance/vibration at low revs on the Bafang CST HT 250w. After I discovered this, I tried using the self-learn cable, but all that happened was it automatically span the motor (gears?) without the motor itself spinning...
  18. jonathan75

    What is the appropriate low voltage cutoff for a Li-ion battery?

    Dear all, My KU93 has just arrived (22a controller) and unfortunately it seems to have a 27.5v low voltage cutoff - 1) is this too low for a li-ion battery? Mine is an 09 14.5ah "50 x Samsung ICR18650 29E LiNiMnCoO2 cells (3.7V 2.9Ah) connected 10 series 5 parallel". 2) Does the 27.5 mean...
  19. jonathan75

    Dodging the £8 Royal Mail clearance fee for outside-EU imports

    Wow - I didn't realise you can do this but you can. You have to ask the exporter to fill in this form, attach it to the outside, ensure “goods to be custom cleared by importer” is written on the form, and that's it, apparently (correct me anyone if I'm wrong). It looks like the only...
  20. jonathan75

    How to make hand throttle less inefficient?

    My hand throttle is very power thirsty and I don't think it needs to be so. I'm writing this to ask if anyone might please have any ideas how to make it less so. I've noticed using the hand throttle I've installed on my 14a, 14.5ah Bafang CST conversion, generally draws all 20 bars of power -...