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    BREXIT the silver lining or lead cosh?

    From the BAGB today. The UK will now almost certainly leave the EU on 31st Jan 2020, but there'll be no change in trading processes or tariff rates until 31st Dec 2020. After that, a trade deal, 'no deal' exit or an extension of the transition period are all still possible. Even if a 'deal' is...
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    Hub or Mid Drive? Any views?

    We are continuing to visit our fantastic Wisper dealers all over the country demonstrating the new MID drive and HUB drive Wisper Wayfarers, collecting orders for delivery in February/March. As far as we can ascertain we seem to be the only company selling almost exactly the same bike with a...
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    For Sale We are selling Wisper 705Torque for a local customer.

    A freind of Wisper is selling her husband's 705Torque with a 575Wh battery. We will service the bike before it goes to the new buyer. It has only been ridden 340 miles but is a couple of years old. We are not selling the bike ourselves but we will offer a three month warranty for the buyer's...
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    The development of the brand new 2020 Wispers... in Pictures!

    It's taken a few years of discussion, disagreement, grey hair growing and solution finding but we are almost ready to launch the Wisper Wayfarer range consisting of four entirely new bikes. We will be at Eurobike first week in September and a week later at The NEC in Birmingham. Here are a few...
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    ALERT Wisper Bikes Break in.

    On Saturday night at 10.30 we were attacked and broken into by thieves using angle grinder and chain saw!!! The thieves got away with six bikes, five red 806 folding bikes and a black 905. Happily the bikes were stolen without batteries or chargers!! :0) So... If anyone is offered a Wisper...
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    How do I deal with abusive customers?

    Hi all, 99.9% of our customers are wonderful, the type of people that anyone would be happy to share a pint with. However this month we have had two real peaches. One from Hastings with a 9/10 year old Wisper who was particularly abusive to me and a member of my staff, literally bawling at us...
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    Full Throttle ebike legal again!

    At last, after a long wait and loads of jumping through hoops we can legally offer full throttle bikes again!
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    Are FreeGo the first casualty of Anti Dumping?

    Sadly today FreeGo Electric Bikes have announced that they have ceased trading and will liquidate. Southampton based FreeGo have been selling good, no nonsense, value ebikes for nearly ten years. It’s such a shame that this entry level brand who have been many people’s introduction to ebikes...
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    Help! Ebike Delivery Problems

    Hi Pedelecers all! I need some assistance. We have recently had a huge hike in prices to deliver electric bikes in the UK, over double last month's cost per bike. It seems that all across the industry overnight couriers have started to volumise cartons, so instead of paying to send a NET 25kg...
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    Become a Wisper Ambassador. £1,000 manufacturer discount.

    Our eMTBs are now in the shops! We are looking for two brand ambassadors to review our eMTBs. We are looking for two people who would be prepared to give us three reviews over three months. 1. First Impressions. 2. After 1 month. 3. After 3 months. We would need 250 words per review with a...
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    Wisper team up with OVO to offer test rides at the Tour of Britain

    In September we will be bringing the Wisper Road Show to four of the main Tour of Britain Stages including the final in London. We would love to see you there! 2nd Sept Stage One City of Newport – Usk Way (In OVO Tour Village) 4th Sept Stage Three Bristol – Clifton Down (In OVO Tour Village)...
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    Two Used FreeGo Eagles for Sale £350 each.

    We have recently supplied two Wisper 705 Torques to a local customer who wanted to upgrade their ebikes. They have for sale their FreeGo Eagles. For Sale 2 matching 'Silver' FreeGo Eagles with 1 extra spare battery, £700 the lot! The Bikes were purchased from FreeGo direct approx 6 years ago...
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    Importing bikes from Europe after a no deal Brexit

    What effect will a no deal Brexit have on bringing bikes in from Europe and UK manufacturers selling to Europe?
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    Two Used FreeGo Eagles for Sale £450 each

    We have recently supplied two Wisper 705 Torques to a local customer who wanted to upgrade their ebikes. They have for sale their FreeGo Eagles. For Sale 2 matching 'Silver' FreeGo Eagles. The Bikes were purchased from FreeGo direct approx 6 years ago and to the best of our knowledge the...
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    You can help to protect affordable e-bike supply

    This for ebike importers and retailers only. It's already in the EBMA thread, but we are looking for your support if you are involved with selling bikes produced in China. Is the anti-dumping case causing injury to your company? LEVA-EU invites you to participate in a short survey on the...
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    Help! Is there a market for the Wisper Wayfarer?

    Hi pedelecers, I am in a quandary. We have designed a new step through frame in carbon. Our target audience is larger, heavier riders wanting a stiff, solid, light weight frame with high end components. Shimano 7000 series and in frame removable battery. The bike will retail between £3,500 and...
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    Watch out for us this weekend on the telly. And win a Wisper!

    This weekend we will be found in Worcester and Colwyn bay, supporting OVO Energy the sponsors of the Women's Tour of Britain. If you fancy a test ride we will be at the finish of each day. OVO Energy have commissioned a small Fleet of 10 Wisper 705 and 905 se and Torque bikes for test rides...
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    8 Unused, Fully Legal, Full Throttle, Wisper 905Classics for sale

    Last chance to buy road legal Wisper Classics with a FULL THROTTLE. We have 8 completely unused Wisper 905Classics for sale. These bikes were built in Germany before the twist and go throttle law came into effect. They are fitted with full factory fitted twist and go throttle and due to...
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    The Last Wisper Sneak Preview of the year. 12kg Road Bike

    Here is the final design for our new Wisper Wolverine, our full carbon road bike with the new Fazua motor. Tooling is now underway, the bike will be available in 4 sizes. The electronic Shimano Ultegra R8070 Di2 Disc Groupset is amazing and completes our latest offering. The Wisper Wolverine...
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    Go to work on a Pineapple! Wisper Folder sneak preview.

    Hi Pedelecers all, May I have your help? I am just about to give the go ahead on the tooling for our new ultralight folding bike the Wisper Pineapple. Here are a few images of the 3D printed Sample. Before everything is set in stone, I would welcome comments, constructive or otherwise. Is...