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  1. baldylox

    BMW i3

    On the subject of the electric car and more specifically the new BMW i3 which I recently had the opportunity to try and kind of liked it. I had a meeting in Bath and needed transport for three and was offered the use of the BMW i3 (I think I was the first to use it on official business). The...
  2. baldylox

    eMTB conversion

    I would like to buy a KTM eLycanP but cannot really justify the high price! However I have a 2010 Giant trance X2 full suspension MTB which I was thinking of converting to an ebike with the BBS01 350w kit with a 15ah bottle mount battery. The problem is that (although I've read many positive...
  3. baldylox

    KTM eLycan

    I wonder if anyone either has or has any experience of the KTM e Lycan full suspension e bike they would like to share?
  4. baldylox

    Noob - no pedelec yet.

    Hi, I've been here looking on the site for a while but not yet taken the plunge into buying a pedelec. Am probably going to get a kit and fit to my ageing Saracen (recently ressurected); good lightweight and sturdy MTB with deore gearing and stuff but old style brakes and no suspension. Plan is...