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  1. Jonah

    Market value of an ex rental Kalkhoff Agattu 2016/17 ?

    Never heard of the specific bikes but PlanetX are a quite well known business selling some mostly pretty decent stuff often at special prices. The PlanetX bikes look good value.
  2. Jonah

    Commuting advice please

    Not sure Kudos are still trading. If you haven’t already looked at Woosh and Wisper then you should. You might pick up a surplus / old stock Cube for about this price but given the shortage of ebike stocks this is a bit of a long shot at the moment. Other bikes / companies you mention are...
  3. Jonah

    Market value of an ex rental Kalkhoff Agattu 2016/17 ?

    It has the discredited not fit for purpose impulse motor. It’s basically worthless. Which is a shame because the rest of the bike is quite decent.
  4. Jonah

    Exploding Tyre!

    I had a tyre explode not long after a new bike was delivered. Getting a new tube in the LBS they said lots of people had had tyres explode after taking their bikes in the back of vans. This was early summer when it was hot. I assume this was the cause, my bike had been in the hot delivery van...
  5. Jonah

    Just joined

    Welcome. That’s one of the great things about ebikes. They make you cycle so much more.
  6. Jonah

    Kalkhoff or NO!

    There is a range of similar Kalkhoff bikes you can see here. Likely to be a bit heavier than your Merida. Personally I don’t like the battery position behind the seat post. It makes the bike a...
  7. Jonah

    Kalkhoff or NO!

    Woosh Rambla might well be a good choice. Also worth a look at the Wisper Wayfarer. Nothing wrong with the Kalkhoff with that motor but the Shimano motor is not as widely used as Bosch. What motor did your Merida have?
  8. Jonah

    Buying advice

    If you were happy with the assist the Gtech offered the lighter options might be preferable but not necessarily better. It depends on your preferences. My favourite lightweight option at this price would be the Boardman. If you join Cycling UK you get 10% off that would make it on your price...
  9. Jonah

    CrossCountry / XC with rear suspension

    Maybe something like this
  10. Jonah

    Giant DailyTour 2021

    Based on the new Yamaha PWseries CE motor.
  11. Jonah

    Giant DailyTour 2021

    SyncDrive is Giant‘s rebadged Yamaha motor with their own battery / software.
  12. Jonah

    Oxygen S Cross bikes

    There are quite a few owners on the forum. They all seem happy enough, I don’t recall many negative comments.
  13. Jonah

    Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 625 AllRoad

    Most people ignore the predicted range figure. It calculates on the most recent part of a ride (don’t remember if it’s the last mile or last 5 mins or something like that). If you’ve just been up a steep hill the range will go down, go down a hill and the opposite happens. Use the % charge...
  14. Jonah

    Which e bike for 70 year old

    These are both mid motored bikes although couldn’t be more different. What style bike are you looking for?
  15. Jonah

    Which e bike for 70 year old

    Welcome. If you are after a similar gravel type bike I’d be tempted by the Boardman HYB 8.9E If you join cycling UK you get 10% off at Halfords that should just about hit your budget.
  16. Jonah

    battery recommendations

    Please be aware that the current draw in amps is different to the battery capacity measured in AmpHours. The first parameter determines if the battery can supply the controller / motor the current it requires, the second how long it can supply that power for.
  17. Jonah

    Woosh Rambletta with disc brakes?

    Did I imagine it or was it mentioned that the next batch of Ramblettas would have disc brakes?
  18. Jonah

    New owner having problems.

    By thumb push activator do you mean throttle? If so, then the PAS settings do not have any effect on the throttle. Maybe a few pictures would also help?
  19. Jonah

    Tandem rear hub conversion with drum brake

    Thanks for speedy responses.
  20. Jonah

    Tandem rear hub conversion with drum brake

    Excuse my ignorance on such matters but does anyone know if you can simply remove a drum brake from one wheel and attach it to a new wheel with a hub motor in? (Like you could with a disc rotor) Or is it built into the hub?