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  1. Jonah

    Woosh Rambletta with disc brakes?

    Did I imagine it or was it mentioned that the next batch of Ramblettas would have disc brakes?
  2. Jonah

    Tandem rear hub conversion with drum brake

    Excuse my ignorance on such matters but does anyone know if you can simply remove a drum brake from one wheel and attach it to a new wheel with a hub motor in? (Like you could with a disc rotor) Or is it built into the hub?
  3. Jonah

    Aikema 85SX

    I have just replaced my front hub motor Xiongda YTW-06 with a rear wheel AKM supplied by Woosh. I’d done a bit over a 1000 miles on the Xiongda but it had always been less than perfect mainly due to vibration through the bars. It also made some very unpleasant noises at times and recently the...
  4. Jonah

    Oh no! (Steepest road has changed continents)

    I won’t be able to try cycling up the steepest road now! Missed my chance in Harlech. Has anyone tried either of these?
  5. Jonah

    Good price for decent spec commuter bike
  6. Jonah

    Woosh Brompton Kit?

    Are you able to provide any further information on your soon to be launched Brompton Kit please. Any specs / pics, price, available date? etc. Thanks.
  7. Jonah

    This Scott looks like a good deal
  8. Jonah

    How they park their hire bikes in Brussels

  9. Jonah


    This looks fun! A four wheel Sinclair C5?
  10. Jonah

    Some might like

    Saw this outside my local Devon Morrisons just now (perhaps not its native habitat). Details at
  11. Jonah

    Brompton with Sparticle Extreme Kit

    A generally good condition for age Brompton about 2003 vintage. 3 speed hub gear and with new rear rack fitted a couple of years ago. Professionally converted with a Sparticle Extreme Ebike kit about 5 years ago. Very powerful kit operated by a twist throttle. The kit has a front wheel hub motor...
  12. Jonah

    Battery/Charger problem

    After charging my battery yesterday, when I came to go for a ride today the lcd display said the battery was half empty. When plugging the charger in again, it went straight to green. Checking the battery with a voltmeter it reads 36.9v so I guess the display was correct. What should I check...
  13. Jonah

    Is this a record?
  14. Jonah

    Bianchi with Polini Drive

    Saw one of these in a LBS yesterday. Looked very neat. Not come across this motor before.
  15. Jonah

    Unusual Cargo!

    Saw this in Bude the other day. The bike was an old Post Office ‘Elephant’ bike with a mid drive Panda conversion. The solar panel recharged the battery for the lights.
  16. Jonah

    Seen today in Exeter

    I've not seen one of these before.
  17. Jonah

    Xiongda YTW-06 has arrived

    Excited to report that my Xiongda Motor and associated kit parts arrived today (from China) and on the same Fed Ex van was also my 17.2Ah Enerpak battery (from Germany). The motor is the new sensored version with a 36v KT controller. I had originally planned to get a 48v system but this is not...
  18. Jonah

    Best front torque arm?

    What is the best torque arm to fit to my Thorn steel forks? I’m going to be using the small Xiongda YTW-06 Motor which I ordered yesterday.
  19. Jonah

    Genesis Croix De Fer

    I'm considering treating myself to a road / tour / gravel bike maybe the Croix De Fer 10. Mostly for cycling on poor quality roads and tracks, sometimes for longish rides (50-100 miles). I'm also considering fitting a kit to the above bike. Rear wheel preferably. I would like to be able to swap...
  20. Jonah

    From 1951

    Advert extolling the virtues of fitting a motor assist kit. In St Andrews Museum.