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  1. Fordulike

    Anyone fitted a BBS02 or BBSHD to a Carrera Hellcat Mens Mountain Bike 2020?

    As title, if anyone has done this without problem, or even just the usual chain alignment problem etc, then please post. Thanks.
  2. Fordulike

    Controller MOSFETS and question on failure.

    A few questions actually, for any techies out there. Take for example a BBS02 9 MOSFET controller. It is my understanding that a controller like this, has 3 MOSFETS allocated per phase wire. If one single MOSFET fails, does that usually cause the controller to become dead? If this is not the...
  3. Fordulike

    Which is the lesser of two evils?

    It's time to replace my aging battery, powering my BBS02. This one is at the top of my short list, with the LG HG2 cells: Now I have read up on the benefits of charging to 90% to be kinder to the cells, and EMV3ev...
  4. Fordulike

    Was I asking too much from a Dremel?

    Found my Dremel 3000 this morning, which is a brand new Xmas gift from 2 years ago that I've never used until today. I needed to spot derust some tools, so I popped on the sanding band attachment and leisurely started to derust the tools. After about half hour of use (with short intermittent...
  5. Fordulike

    Is this a dumb-ass idea?

    I'm in a tinkering mood, so fancy converting my AC mains powered lawnmower into a battery powered one. I have a spare 48v 11.6Ah battery that I can use, but I'm wondering if I could use the following DC/AC inverter to make the conversion. 4000W DC 12/24/48V To AC 220V Car Solar Power Inverter...
  6. Fordulike

    48v to 52v battery on BBS02 worth it?

    Has anyone changed from a 48v battery to a 52v one on a BBS02? I'd like to hear anyone's opinion on any performance increase and whether it's worth making the switch.
  7. Fordulike

    Chain cleaning device whilst riding?

    I do a lot of riding along very muddy paths and tracks, and feel that my chain and chainring longevity suffers from crud that sticks to my chain throughout a ride. If it builds up too bad, then I can occasionally get some kind of chain suck, where the chain rides up and jams between the...
  8. Fordulike

    Trusted life insurance companies?

    I'm planning on taking out a life insurance policy that will pay a fixed lump sum to my spouse in the event of my death. I would like to put out the feelers on this forum on which companies members are using, so I can make an informed decision. I'd favour company reliability, reputation and...
  9. Fordulike

    E Bike Electric Hybrid Road Bike Lithium-Ion Battery 36v SRAM Gears NEW Aerobike ***£19.94***

    Quick, grab a bargain before the prices increases o_O E Bike Electric Hybrid Road Bike Lithium-Ion Battery 36v SRAM Gears NEW Aerobike Interestingly though, it does look like someone has managed to secure one at this price :D *** Bummer, didn't notice the drop down box... Haven't had my...
  10. Fordulike

    Anyone riding a Bafang Max Drive (MM G330.250) equipped bike and in the UK?

    If anyone currently owns and rides a bike equipped with a Bafang Max Drive (MM G330.250) and in the UK, then please get in touch with me via the Pedelecs messaging system.
  11. Fordulike

    Is there any difference between the B and non B versions of the BBS series?

    Anyone know if the B versions of the Bafang BBS01 and BBS02 kits are any different to the non B? I.e. have spotted BBS01, BBS02, BBS01B and BBS02B kits.
  12. Fordulike

    Who manufactures this mid drive kit?

    Anyone recognize this mid drive kit on eBay and who makes it? New Mid Drive 250w Bicycle Bike Motor - Torque Sensor Not Bafang
  13. Fordulike

    Any electric shower experts out there?

    I've got a Bristan electric shower with a digital LED temperature readout on the front panel. Unfortunately, some of the display segments have failed, which means it's difficult to read the correct temperature properly. I need to know if the LED display has its own circuitry to drive the...
  14. Fordulike

    Why buy a Twizy, when you could have this lol...

    Hummer LSV Electric car
  15. Fordulike

    Anyone own a SONY NW-A45 Walkman?

    Anyone running one of these music players, same as the one in link below? I would like to know of any experience with its...
  16. Fordulike

    Green Bike Kit purchases, delivery, reliability?

    Has anyone ordered anything recently from Green Bike Kit and used the 'UK Dedicated Line [Arrival time:4-6 Days]' delivery service? I'd like to get a heads up on the reliability of ordering something from them and using a fairly fast delivery service. The item I want is non battery...
  17. Fordulike

    Interesting article on 18650 batteries

    Ok, so this article is on a vape website, but then again, a battery doesn't care if it's getting a 10 amp discharge from a vape pen or an electric bike battery.
  18. Fordulike

    A little bit confused about freewheels and cassettes :(

    I'm planning on swapping my 8 speed cassette for a 5 speed, along with a 5 speed gear shifter. Don't know why, but I didn't think there were any 5 speed gear clusters manufactured that are the cassette type. Only screw on. Can someone put my mind at rest and tell me if the gear cluster in the...
  19. Fordulike

    Why a Bafang BBSxx programming cable is a worthy investment!

    This isn't a thread to persuade owners of BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD kits to turn their bikes into fire breathing monsters. Quite the opposite in fact. When I bought my BBS02 a few years ago, I found the stock programming to be good for a non hilly commute, but not that great on forest tracks and...
  20. Fordulike

    Are lithium pencil batteries overpriced and overhyped?

    I have a television remote that lights up the control pad every time it's moved. Very handy, but also heavy on battery juice. I've been using Energizer lithium AAA's in it since I bought it, but although they seem to last a while, was wondering if the lithium batteries were cost effective...