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  1. iRider

    Folding Pedal Recommendation s?

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend any folding type pedals for a standard frame style eBike please? We have 2 full size crossbar style eBikes that go in the “garage” area in our Motorhome. But getting them in and out would be much easier if it wasn’t for the pedals, so looking at folding pedal options.
  2. iRider

    Bosch Charger Advice

    Hi Guys, We now have 2 different eBike, both Bosch systems. 1 has an in frame 500Wh Batter and a 36v/4amp charger, the other a rack mounted 300Wh battery and a 36v/2amp charger. Both chargers have the same plug at the battery end. My question is this, can I just take the 36v/4amp charger with...
  3. iRider

    Considering a Volt Metro LS

    Hi guys, Now I’m sorted, the wife is now looking to buy an eBike. It will be used as a shopper/local sightseeing bike, whilst we are away in the Motorhome. She was looking at the Raleigh StowEway but then came across the Volt Metro LS. For the extra £100 odd pounds the volt seems to win...
  4. iRider

    Headset - No Centre Bolt?

    Has anyone ever seen this setup on a headset? Specifically it has no centre bolt so no obvious means of tensioning the headset?
  5. iRider

    Should I avoid "in frame' Batteries?

    Hi Guys, Im still considering what bike to buy but I read somewhere that buyers should avoid in frame batteries because they can't be replaced if a cell goes dead. Is this correct? should i only go for a bike where the battery is detachable from the frame or carrier? The bike that prompts this...
  6. iRider

    Help! Crossbar or Step Through Hybrid ?

    Hi Guys, I know it sounds a daft question but I'm from a generation when boys rode crossbar bikes and girls rode those without a crossbar making life in general and bike selection very simple :) Fast forward 50 odd years and when i come to start looking at my first eBike, its all become...
  7. iRider

    Help! CUBE Touring Hybrid Pro 500 - v - CUBE Touring Hybrid 500

    I think i have narrowed my purchase down to either the CUBE Touring Hybrid Pro 500 - or - CUBE Touring Hybrid 500. Looking at spec's it seems to be the following that are different; 500: Rear derailleur - Shimano Deore RD-M592-SGS, 9-Speed Shifters - Shimano SL-M2000, Rapidfire-Plus Chain -...
  8. iRider

    Why has the Nexus 8 speed hub gear not caught on?

    Hi Guys, As I look around for a good all-round hybrid eBike I came across the Raleigh Motus Grand Tour with a Nexus 8 speed hub gear. Looking further I haven't seen any other eBikes with Hub Gears, instead they tend to be 9 speed Shimano Deore gears or similar. Why did the Nexus 8 speed hub...
  9. iRider

    Help! eBike for Motorhome?

    We have a Motorhome and I'm looking to add an eBike that will mainly be used to go shopping for odds and Sod's, the sort of stuff you suddenly need or remember you forgot to take with you We have a large 'garage' in the MH and a rear bike rack so size isn't an issue. I am more or less decided...
  10. iRider

    Help! New eBiker with Motorhome?

    Hi Guy's, Im new here and new to eBikes, or should i use the term pedelecs? Whatever, I am looking for some advice and found this forum following a referral from a Motorhome Facebook Group. You see we (my wife Barbara and I) have just swapped to a Motorhome instead of a caravan. This means...