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    A little puzzle for you to solve

    I've been meaning to have a play with one of these things for years. Finally, some arrived in the post today. I wonder what you can do with them?
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    Bike repair scheme on the radio

    Today on Radio 4 You and Yours at 12:30 to 12:45 was a programme about the government's bike repair scheme. Being the BBC, there's a definite anti-government slant, so take what they say with a pinch of salt. Normally, the people they get to take part are chosen left wing activists, like me, not...
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    Dodgy 52v Hailong case batteries

    This very interesting article was linkesd on Endless-Sphere. Basically. The Hailong case was only designed for 48v (65 cells). To get 70 vells in for 52v, the assemblers throw away the cell holding/spacing arrangement and bodge the cells in, which brings safety and reliability issues. If you...
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    LCD3 - I'm still learning

    I've been using LCD3s for more than 5 years, and I discovered something new today that I never noticed before. Above the PAS level indicator is the word "assist", which stays lit nearly all the time. Under some circumstances, it goes off, which I just saw out of the corner of my eye today for...
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    Guinea Pig Needed
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    Throttle is a life saver

    In case you didn't know, I've had a bit of bad luck with my health recently. For whatever reasons, my lungs are full of blood clots that prevent me getting enough oxygen in my blood to the extent that walking out to my garden had me gasping for breath. I had to spend a few days in hospital a...
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    Oxygen S-Cross Derestriction

    To answer the recent spate of enquiries on this matter. Through my contacts at Oxygen, I have the following info: They have changed the harness and the display to eliminate the throttle and prevent derestriction. That means that to fit a throttle and/or derestrict, the easiest solution would be...
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    I wan't one of these- electrified of course

    Can anybody figure out the price? The site is probably a scam site. it popped up on Youtube.
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    Decathlon spares and general ebike stuff

    I just stumbled across this store for Decathlon spares. they have just about all the Decathlon parts, including LCDs, torque sensors, controllers and motor wheels. The prices are very reasonable - as cheap if not cheaper than ebike kits. The best items are the ready-built motor wheels for £150...
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    Oxygen or Battribike MTB-X error code 30

    On behalf of Les Boyd Hi, mine is an oxygen MTB-X and I had the electric motor renewed 2 years ago for which I had to pay for the full wheel assembly, just now I have got a code 30 and I am thinking here we go again, another £250, my handbook does not give details of the codes, could you please...
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    New Drive System from Rocky Mountain

    This one has been around for a couple of years, but I've never seen it mentioned before. It seems to be quite powerful if you can figure out how to derestrict it. The thing that sparked my interest is the torque sensor. All it is is an idler cog, held on a sprung lever to push against the chain...
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    To the Decathlon Rockrider Owner with a Charging Problem

    The thread has disappeared from me for whatever reason. Here's my reply to the person who's bike wouldn't charge: All these things are unnecessary. All you need to do is test the voltage on the charger connector and battery charge socket to get the answer for what's wrong. It could be a fuse in...
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    New 3-speed front gearbox

    I seem to remember registering an interest in this years ago. They emailed me today, as it's now available. It's a bit pricey at $500, but maybe that's a good price for certain applications.
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    Interesting Electric bike

    I saw this when I was out shopping today. Plenty of gaffa tape to make it truly authentic. It has plenty of switches for indicators and the many lights. It has two throttles - one for each motor, and to think that some people are worried about using one throttle. I didn't notice at the time, but...
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    KT LCD4 Bafang version.

    I see these on a few parts websites, including Bafang. Their appearance is identical to the KT LCD4, except there seems to be a yellow button on top...
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    Sprung Saddle

    Has anyone tried one of these? I ordered one out of curiosity. I found out about it from an online advert that included a video that showed it working.
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    Through-axle hub motor

    According to the Bafang guy in this video, they should by now have a through-axle hub-motor with a magnetic cable connector, which should be interesting It's right at the end 5:18. I found this info from a google search...
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    Electric bikes on The Apprentice next Wednesday

    Their task for next week is for each team to design an electric bike. That will be either a good laugh or it'll make you cry. They showed a very quick clip this week. I'm guessing that there were a lot of constraints on their design because it looked like they used Bosch systems and probably...
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    Climate change solved by ebike batteries with massive range

    All that CO2 can now be sucked up and put into ebike batteries that have 7 times the range of our present ones. Life gets better and better. Greta Thunberg can now go back to school.
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    Legal 50 mph electric bicycle

    Form a queue with your 11,000 Euros. Do a search for eRockit. The system doesn't allow me to paste a link.