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    I have no lighting at present and I would like to know what type of lighting would you recommend for my EPAC? I see lots of options out there, so links would be appreciated. Pete
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    Handgrip Removal And Replacement

    I thought I might have a problem replacing the grips on my handlebars until I followed the online instructions. Whoever thought it would be so easy. Using method: This do set of wall with antiskid and catch hair design, install, the handlebar on water surface, the set of wall with water...
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    Hacking firmware.

    I've done a bit of Googling and there are various opinions on what can be done to reflash the firmware and alter the parameters. There seems to be too much information out there and the more I read the less sure I am of how to proceed. Is there anyone with experience of doing this with the...
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    I've now had a chance to ride my TSDZ2 converted bike for a couple of hours and so far I'm well pleased. Living in Swansea west this has included a few hills including a 25.1% gradient. For the benefit of Mike Killay, Dunvant Hill. The only niggle I have is the pain in my arms, and I discovered...
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    Factory Reset.

    I changed the display from KPH to MPH and since then, although everything works fine, I get no speed indication. I've tried reverting to KPH but still no go. I've also disconnected the battery for a few seconds to no avail. Is there a way to do a factory reset on the VLCD5 or are there any...
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    TSDZ2 conversion kit arrived today.

    Ten working days after I placed my order the kit arrived at lunchtime today. I'd already stripped down the crank set, so I slid the motor into the bottom bracket. Wasted some time looking for some 25mm M5 bolts and some 10mm spacers to replace the ones fitted to the motor before I realised they...
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    How do I, Should I?

    As you can see I've got the cranks off. I've also removed the "cassette?". I now need to know how to separate the crank from the gear cluster. I have done some Googling & checked YouTube but they only show me how to do the bits I've already done. The existing large sprocket has 48 teeth, as I...
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    Motor & Battery Combination.

    Hello from me. I hope you can provide some illumination. I did an E-bike conversion about twenty years ago using a a lead acid battery and a belt friction drive on the rear wheel. I'm sure it was something Clive Sinclair did. Fast forward and I now want to fit a mid drive Bafang kit but I...