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    Best emtb

    So it’s been a while since I checked out the bikes on offer from different manufacturers. I’m looking at full suspension emtbs capable of handling trail centre routes. The last time I looked the Specialized models were popular but had a few issues Have these been sorted now? I would be more...
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    Sduro trekking 4.0

    Hi Does anyone know if the latest Yamaha motor fitted to the Sduro trekking 4.0 can be derestricted by the means of moving the speed sensor from the wheel to the crank in same way as on the older Yamaha motors? Thanks
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    Double chainring

    My Haibike sDuro hardseven can be fitted with a double chainring and I would like to do this I would like to add a larger chainring alongside the existing one if that’s possible I have drawn a blank when trying to source the parts online I searched this forum and someone asked about this a few...
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    dahon v brompton

    HI, I have had a Brompton and a Dahon 20inch wheel folding bike for a few years I am thinking about putting a kit on one of them but cannot decide which bike to do it on. i feel that maybe using the brompton may turn it into something its not meant to be, but it is a much more user friendly...
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    haibike failure again

    last september my haibike sduro with yamaha motor had a complete power failure which resulted in having to replace the motor. it has happened again with a slight difference. this time the code Er 15 flashed on the screen and the bike stopped working . then the screen switched off. when i...
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    user friendly bike.

    those folks who have read my posts about out of warranty ebikes and the time it may take to resolve a fault will understand my question, which is ; does anyone know of an ebike that, can used for everyday transport ...
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    independent e bike technician

    if you buy a car , motorbike etc and it breaks down then your local garage will probably be able to fix it even if you did not buy it from them or it is a make they don,t sell. it,s shame this doesn,t appear to be the case with ebikes. in fact even if you did buy the bike from a shop the chances...
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    haibike power fail

    my haibike sduro hardseven with yamaha motor has worked great until now. after last ride removed battery to charge up. refitted fully charged battery and nothing happens when switching on. checked connections on back of lcd display but seem ok. was raining last ride but been in worse and bike...
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    new shocks

    does anyone have any suggestions for a set of forks as an upgrade for a haibike sduro hard seven. the standard ones are a bit rough for my liking off road thanks
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    haibike tyre

    i am looking into larger volume tyres for a haibike sduro hardtail than the ones the bike is supplied with. the reason is that i am used to riding a full suspension non electric mtb and the tyres on the haibike give a much harsher ride. i know that a hard tail is never going to smooth out the...
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    oxygen off road

    i know that my oxygen e mate mtb is not in the same league as the serious off road crank drive bikes . Especially as far as demanding off road trails go. but i recently put the off road tyres it came with back on and tried some smoothish non damaging trails. until recently i have only really...
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    oxygen torque?

    hi does anyone know what torque an oxygen e mate mtb 13 ah produces ? thanks
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    can they handle it?

    i was riding at a mountainbike trail centre recently on my non electric bike and met a guy on an electric downhill haibike. it certainly looked the part and this got me wondering how well it would handle a spot of downhilling. i have some knowledge of the sport and know how punishing {and...
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    good service from oxygen

    i recently had a problem with my e mate mtb. [cutting out] i contacted john at oxygen and arranged to take the bike to him to have a look at it. my wife and i arrived at the oxygen premises on a saturday morning and we were greeted by john himself , who had opened just for us. we were given a...
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    rear carrier cover

    i have a thule towbar mounted bike carrier and wonder if anyone can suggest a robust cover to go over the bikes. i have googled this and found a few already with mixed reviews, so have you folks used any ? thanks in advance
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    batribike diamond pro

    does anyone know if it is possible to derestrict this bike? even if it only gives a slight increase in performance without the abrupt cut out of power at 15mph apparently it was possible with earlier models by means of the controller but i cannot find anything on this model thanks
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    death of an alien?

    after just over 1 year of commuting 2.5 k miles my alien battery appears to be on its way out sadly. i would have thought it would have lasted a bit longer. the strange thing is that it has happened so quickly. up until a week ago i could commute 13 miles and then back without a recharge or the...
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    oxygen charging question

    i have a strange issue with my oxygen emate mtb 13ahr. i have done 15 miles from new and when i put it on charge the green light on the charger comes on instantly indicating a full charge even though the lcd diplay shows one bar down on full charge. if i switch the charger off then press the...
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    real off roader?

    i have been looking at mtb styled e-bikes recently and have discovered that some look capable of handling normal mountain bike terrain but others are realy only suitable for milder use and just look like off roaders. so with this in mind can any one suggest which brands and models are up to the...
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    just wondering what peoples opinions are on warranties for e-bikes some manufacturers only offer 1 year on everything whilst others offer 2 years on the battery and considerably longer on frames etc. is this a reflection of the quality of the bike?