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    Woosh XF07 Torque Sensing Kits

    I have recently purchased & fitted these kits, with 17 ah batteries to our bikes. Woosh were very helpful both before & after purchase, as there was a certain amount of difficulty with removing the epicyclic bottom brackets. This was resolved by purchasing new shells from Thorn bikes. The...
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    Protection from Bad Weather

    Having recently installed two Woosh Mxus Front Hub torque sensor kits & purchased a towbar bike rack, I was wondering what additional measures are necessary to protect from heavy rain etc. I will be camping & on occasion taking the bikes several hundred miles on the bike rack. This has not...
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    Halfords 48 hour test ride

    I borrowed a Carrera Crossfire E & was generally quite impressed. Tried it up the three steepest hills near me, two up onto the Chilterns. Required bottom gear & quite a bit of effort from me, heart rate 134, but climbed steadily at about 10 kph hills which are at least 10%. Battery range...
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    First Ride of an Ebike

    I borrowed a friend's ebike today, but was very disappointed. You appeared to need to pedal to about 6 mph before assistance started & it did not appear to be very powerful. Admittedly it is a cheap bike from an EU supermarket. Rear hub motor & rear rack battery, 3 levels of assistance, but...
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    A Different Perspective on ebikes
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    Purchases from China

    Has anyone recently purchased motor kits from China? I am concerned at the cost of getting through UK Customs. Does the anti dumping levy apply to purchases of parts? I am thinking of purchasing two or three 2 speed front hub motors from Xiongda.
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    Ordering a Xionda Motor

    When ordering a motor should one specify 36 volts or 48 volts? I aim to use a 48 volt battery. I have tried to find an answer to this on the forum, but most of the discussion is on over volting an existing motor. I want something that is legal, 15 mph is sufficient for me. I do want good...
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    Convert Existing Bike or buy a new Cube

    My existing Thorn with Rolhof hub gear can only be converted with a front hub motor, if i convert if with a legal Woosh kit , largest battery & get it fitted it will cost nearly £700. Cube is approximately double this cost. Advantages / Disadvantages Conversion: Keep existing bikes which were...
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    Come on Woosh spill the beans

    Two recent posts with pictures, one of a new bike Karoo2 & one of 21700 celled battery. Tomorrows technology today?
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    Cube Touring Hybrid 400 or a conversion?

    I am trying to decide between a cube touring hybrid 400 (approx £1500) & converting existing Thorn with Rolhof gears using Woosh XF07 front hub kit (approx £650 fitted). I am unsure how the two systems compare power wise for hill climbing. We do not at present have any difficulty on the flat...
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    Front Hub Conversion

    What is the best legal front hub kit to get? My wife & I are both in our 70's, but reasonably fit. Can still do 35 miles in Oxfordshire, but some assistance on hills would be nice. I was thinking of getting the Woosh kit, but see that it now states it is 350w & not legal. Would Xiongda...
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    How to convert my existing bikes

    Both my wife & l have Thorn Raven Sport Tours with Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 hub gears, which have eccentric bottom brackets. I weigh 15 stone am aged 74 can still cycle 30 to 40 miles. My wife is lighter & 3 years younger with similar cycling ability. Can a bottom bracket motor be fitted, or...