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  1. jimriley

    Pedalling, cadence, gears and assist levels

    For years I've been in the habit of pushing a big gear slowly, using the 21 gears as needed, rather than regular cadence and using the gears that way. I have read a little on cadence pedalling but never really learned it. So now I have 7speed rear block,3, 5 or 9 assist levels, currently 5...
  2. jimriley

    Silly mistake.

    Silly mistake I just made. Went to take the battery off, stuck my key in the charging socket. Oops, brief flash. What have I done, is there a fuse? Display won't power up. Charge lights on battery still work.
  3. jimriley

    Ready to go.

    Bbs01 arrived yesterday. I put the bar end handles back on to protect the display if I have to turn the bike over. Fitted bottle cage on seat tube with an extra rivnut. (I got a rivnut kit from amazon). Thanks to whoever suggested it, I put the spare wires in a sunglasses case, neat and tidy...
  4. jimriley

    Bbs01 arrived and fitted, a question...

    ... About the charger and battery. Showed full on display, dropped a little on test. So my question about battery, the on/off doesn't seem to turn on/off, just lights up the level indicator. I plugged in charger, red light on charger, nothing showing on battery, unless I press the on/off...
  5. jimriley

    petition to increase the speed limit

    Just came across this on EMTB forum, increase the speed limit to 20mph.
  6. jimriley

    £50 bike repair voucher from tonight

    From the .gov website. I'd rather spend it on parts and do the work myself, maybe a spare chain and rear block, slime tubes, tyres etc. The scheme says the LBS should do the work though. Hopefully they will be snowed under and will be happy to do just parts.... GuidanceFix your Bike Voucher...
  7. jimriley

    Gear changing?

    I've got a Bbs01 on order and getting my head round it all. Mr woosh says I don't need the gear sensor. A couple of hints I've come across, that the gear sensor has a bit of delay, that blipping the brake can cut the power. So what's the craic, what's best?
  8. jimriley

    Hello from Littleborough Lancs

    Hi, Just joined this and other ebike fora. (there's the first thing to debate the plural of forum!) Got a Bbs01b 250w on order to fit my hybrid bike. I might also try it on my giraffe unicycle. (Not!) I do a mix of off road on local bridleways, canal towpath and roads, a few hills around here too.