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    Giant Dirt E+1 2017 Chain ring

    Hi All, I am thinking of changing the Chain ring(s) on my E-Bike as it is quite low geared & I do more road than offroad. The front gearset is 38/28T & made by FSA. They mount to a 4 spoke drive with allen bolt/nuts. I can see various 4 spoke FSA Chain rings on the Web but will they fit the...
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    Giant Dirt E+1 2017

    Thought I would share my experience with you. Bought this bike in Feb online from dealer in Scotland and all was well for a few weeks. Then whilst cycling home one evening all power died and display went blank. Battery charge indicator (Button on battery) pack showed 2 bars when pressed but...
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    Get me to Glastonbury & back!

    Hi all, I have been going to Glastonbury festival since 1997 with 3 mates & now offspring, tag alongs etc. Always endjoyed it but last couple of years decided to cycle there from my parents house north of Bristol. It's around 35 miles (70 round trip), with the dreaded mendips to traverse. I was...