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    Which one, Cube touring hybrid one or Trek Verve +1

    I have a 2019 Cube Touring bike (with ALP) and it's been excellent. Absolutely bombproof. Only downside is its weight. It's not a bike for carrying up steps or stairs. But it is built like a tank and is very comfortable to go long distances on. I even did a 100km sportive on it and felt pretty...
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    Newbie needing touring bike

    If you want a branded heavy (23.5kg) touring bike then the Cube Touring model bikes are good value and will easily have the range you need. Costs are in £1500-£2200 range generally. Just make sure you get one with zero resist (which here means Bosch ALP or latest gen Bosch Performance motors)...
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    Hello from Littleborough Lancs

    Welcome - I live in Stockport but sometimes come up your way when taking the Rochdale Canal up to Hebden Bridge. Some beautiful countryside up there !
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    First time e-bike chooser needing some guidance.

    OK. I have a Cube Touring 500. And I use it for gentle touring and commuting. It has a Gen3 Active Line Plus 50Nm motor which is zero resist. This means that there is no motor drag with the motor off (whether because you are above the 15.5 mph cut off or because you are just gently pootling...
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    Putting e-bike to bed for the duration of C-virus.

    I did go out for a last (3 hour) ride into the peaks (all off-road from my house) last weekend on my ebike. This week I have been out on my old (non-electric) mountain bike most days but am going out early in the morning and avoiding the more obvious walker and dog-walker routes. The longest...
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    Death by ebike battery.

    That's a problem for the folks without drives or charging at work but that leaves plenty of people - maybe half the people who might want to buy such a small city or second car - for whom it would be ideal. If we replaced our little Aygo with an e-city car we'd likely never have to top it up...
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    Death by ebike battery.

    Holy thread hijack Batman! The only real issue with electric cars is their up front price. Battery and manufacturing costs are still falling significantly each year and per mile cost parity with ICE vehicles will happen within 5 years. The new VW ID1 looks like it could be an ideal city car...
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    Death by ebike battery.

    The risk of having them around in a fire I understand, but I haven't ever heard of them self-igniting other than in a fire or when someone is trying to charge them or they are otherwise in use. I think the differences with petrol are that petrol can be spilt, gives off carcinogenic vapours, is...
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    Death by ebike battery.

    Do not store indoors? I keep my Bosch battery indoors (ins cupboard) any time it's not on the bike. It's safer from theft than in a garage and stored at a better and more stable temperature range. I would expect the chance of a 60-80% charged Bosch battery deciding to self-combust in the absence...
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    Death by ebike battery.

    Pretty nasty story. Daily Post: Woman died after electric bike battery exploded while charging in her motorhome.
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    Help! I don't know what e-bike to buy?!

    Are they folders or is this just spamming in a random thread?
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    New electric bike magazine and demo event

    Felix Dennis was (until he died) a strong contender for 'Greatest Living Englishman' IMHO. Felix Dennis Never Go Back Nebuchadnezzar by Felix Dennis Nebuchadnezzar was taking his pleasure, Rocking at leisure while sipping his wine. "Dost thou grow tired of love thou hast hired?" Politely...
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    Decathlon ROCKRIDER E-ST500 Electric Mountain Bike General thread

    You might have more luck in the speed pedelec sub-forum. Most of the posters in the general forum either don't know or don't want to know much about dongling etc.
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    Dalston fatal e-bike crash rider 'going too fast' - Court Case

    Well this thread got derailed and escalated quickly !
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    Help! Best value rear hub e-bike for 5 mile round trip with medium gradients at one end

    The Woosh Faro at £899 with the in-frame battery does look like the obvious choice. I'm not sure how comfy or puncture proof the tyres are but that should be easy and cheap to remedy if an issue. The Gtechs are about £1000 aren't they? Maybe if you can get a second hand one I suppose - but to...
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    Dalston fatal e-bike crash rider 'going too fast' - Court Case

    I don't see any corruption here, Flecc. And from my experience of Crown Court cases 'government interference' in any way with the charge or court case is vanishingly unlikely. It was sensible for the CPS to charge him for causing death whilst uninsured and causing death through careless...
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    E-bike rider weeps as he is cleared of death by careless driving

    I'm more surprised that he got off on the causing death whilst uninsured charge than the causing death by careless driving one. Both require some causation element - a material contribution to the death. The Supreme Court gave as an example of the former offence a driver who was driving above...
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    Dalston fatal e-bike crash rider 'going too fast' - Court Case

    Careless driving is about the activity of driving itself. There are other offences that deal specifically with right to drive, speed and legality of vehicle etc., though I dare say some aspects of them may be taken into account by a jury when considering carelessness in the round. I assume...
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    Dalston fatal e-bike crash rider 'going too fast' - Court Case

    But this doesn't mean his driving was careless, or caused the death, legally. He's just treated as driving a moped for the purposes of this charge.
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    Dalston fatal e-bike crash rider 'going too fast' - Court Case

    Each case stands on its own facts. In the recent civil suit case (the £104,000 costs one) , the cyclist was 50% to blame. He could have stopped, but chose to blast his air horn at a gaggle of pedestrians ahead and continue on to hit a phone zombie. The injuries weren't that serious and the...