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    New Light

    looking for a decent light for my S Cross. Already has a light fitted but in all honesty it's not very good. Today I was on the Monsal Trail and anyone who knows it knows there are several long tunnels, which although dimly lit are quite dark in parts. My light was not good enough. So I am...
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    I am looking for a new handlebar for my Oxygen scross. Currently got the original straight bars but I would like to change them for a pair of leisure type bars to try and take a little weight off my old shoulders. Also want a pair of new grips. Any suggestions much appreciated
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    strange problem

    just a minor irritation. When I load the site I usually go to new posts . Just lately for some reason the 'Brexit' thread is not showing even when there have been posts. Is it something I have done to turn it off or is it a message telling me to keep away (lol)
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    any good

    saw them advertising this earlier. Looks a nice bike for the price, but what I thought was interesting was the weight 17.7kilo. Must be appealing has sold out...
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    get ready??

    came across this article. Interesting reading
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    oxygen problem

    Just had a small problem with my Oxygen ST Cross, which I think is caused by a design fault. All through last year from April onwards I was able to ride without getting wet . Late on in year got caught out in heavy rain and was then not able to get out for a while. On using bike again I found...
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    charger broke??

    Just plugged my charger in for Eagle 16a battery. Came on ok but now has no lights on. So is charger broke or is it battery?. Now coming up for 7 yrs old so could be either. How can I check which it is thanks
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    50 cycles

    New email from them with some what seem like very good offers. Here's one...
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    cannot access like/dislike buttons

    as title suggests. Am using google chromebook
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    Freego Eagle

    Selling my trusty Eagle. 6 years old but in good condition. A few chips on paintwork etc. Has just had an overhaul by South Yorkshire Bikes and Freego. Has new controller pedal sensors and wiring loom. Is fitted with Schwalbe Smart Sam tyres puncture resist, which have done less than 50 miles...
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    New Bike

    Been and bought myself an Oxygen S Cross ST from South Yorks E Bikes. Bought from them because I feel they will be there should any problems arise. Went for 1st ride yesterday 15miles around local trails and what a great bike it is. Found it very easy to pedal without power but when used was...
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    looking at possibly buying a new bike (oxygen) . It has 21 gears. Just wondering what the view is on having the extra gears on ebike. Is there any benefit. I notice that a lot of the Kudos bikes have extra gears. regards gray
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    sudden power loss

    out today on Freego Eagle when power suddenly cut out. Battery fully charged and was showing all lights. Luckily I was not too far from home. Wondered if it may be the brake cutout sticking but disconnecting did not make any difference. What can I do to try and find fault bearing in mind that I...
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    ebike scheme in Derby

    New scheme due to start
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    Gear adjustment Eagle

    Trying to adjust gears on my Freego Eagle but can't seem to get lined up properly. It has a Shimano Tourney TX rear mech and a 7speed block. The lowest 7th being a large cog (easy to pedal should battery run out). I can get it to fifth ok no prob but into sixth is rattling and out of line as if...
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    anybody know??

    Been trying to find a new diaphragm for my Clarkes Exoskeletal brakes. The old one has gone all out of shape for some reason. Found on Clarkes site . £2.40 plus £3 postage then another £2 for some reason from paypal. Does anyone know where to get one. I've tried everywhere without luck. thanks
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    winter tyres

    thinking of getting tyres for winter. Currently have Marathon Plus Tour which are fine for when it's fairly firm and dry but perhaps not the best for muddy trails which I will mainly be using. Would like to stick to puncture resistant. Any suggestions. gray
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    had my first ride for a few weeks today. Found that my front brake ( clarkes exo skeleton ) was virtually useless. Lever had to be fully pulled in to get any sort of effect and then not much. It was working fine last time I used it and has been stored in dry garage. No signs of any oil leakage...
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    Scott's for sale

    Just called in Chesterfield cycle center and they have some Scott sub bikes for sale at £1399, from £1899
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    E bikes going forward

    Saw earlier this week that the Government is going to make a big investment into battery technology (allegedly). Than today announcement that all vehicles will be electric by 2040(won't affect me). Surely this is going to have a knock on impact regarding ebikes how they are used and how they are...