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    Death by ebike battery.

    Pretty nasty story. Daily Post: Woman died after electric bike battery exploded while charging in her motorhome.
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    Bosch battery readouts.

    The one thing I find most frustrating about the Bosch system is the battery remaining charge readouts on their controllers and the battery itself. First of all I don't understand why it simply cant be expressed as a %, as every smartphone battery has been for years, for example. 20% chunks...
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    I am so confused about tyre sizing - please help.

    So I want to swap out my current Schwalbe Range Cruiser Tyres for some Marathon Plus Tourers. The plan is to get better grip on any muddy paths I come across and (most importantly) to get better puncture protection. So far, so easy. But this is where the tyre sizing fun starts. I have a Cube...
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    New e-bike owner

    Hi. Andy here. Just ordered my first e-bike - a 2019 CUBE Touring Hybrid One 500. After a couple of months' research and humming and hawing I settled on this as it's got the quiet (and zero resist) 3rd gen Activeline Plus motor, a 500W battery and comes with stuff like mudguards, rack and...