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    best price for shimano 400w battery or non shimano clone

    hello all my m8 has orbea with shimano steps 500 and I believe the battery is described as 400 w he is thinking of carring a spare 400w as he is going to be doing some rather long rides. so I thought I would ask on the forum if there is a source for shimano or pattern battery (400w)...
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    which of my ebikes to take for long ,hilly ride, dilema

    hi all I used to be in a local cycle club, but left as I was always way behind on hills, and sometimes they thought I must have a puncture. a m8 has recently joined the same club and often rides 50 miles or more mostly on unpowered bikes. he also has a orbea keram 30 ebike , but he is...
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    tongshen tdz2 new bearings needed or adjustment?

    hi all my tongshen tdz2 250w fitted to Carrera subway has now done 3300 miles and the drive train is noisy. checking the chain it is within wear limits, but I noticed there is about 2mm of movement if I grip the moter chainring at 9 &3 oclock back and forth I thought it...
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    pas 5 giving problems

    hi all yesterday changed over 15amp controller to 17amp 36/48 with 350 moter wheel. a brief ride ,all, was ok ,but throttle sticking, gave4v a liberal squirt of wd40. today a longer ride 10 miles ,I try pas 2/3/4/5 al;l ok the thnrottle then ceases to function just get a (grumble from...
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    at last fitted kt square wave 36/48v to yose/elife 350w

    hi all at last managed to fit the kt square wave 36/48v to 350w rear hub moter kit. I could not resolve the pas turning the moter wheel in reverse, I tried switching the phase wires over with each other but that did nothing. in the end I turned the kt v12l pas around 180 degrees ,so splines...
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    help with ebike controller tester?

    hi all I bought one of those ebike controller testers a short while ago. I have problem with getting the pas to work on kt 36/48 controller/lcd3 /pas kt v12l everthing works with original 15 amp controller setup , julet connections. according to the tester manual it seems turn on tester...
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    no pas wattage output showing on lcd3 with new controller set up

    hello all I have just replaced 15amp kt controller with the 17amp on 350w rear moter kit earlier today I wrote down the pas levels 1-5 wattage readout on lcd3 display. I have changed the bullet connectors on new kt 17amp controller to xt60 as all my battery conections are xts. I have...
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    do i need to fit a speed sensor to kt controller

    hello all I have yose/elife shop 350w rear hub, I have just received the kt 17amp 36/48 svp[rd sine wave controller (theres a huge amount of connecters compared to julet weatherproof 15 amp one) I have a led890 handlebar unit which is julet connecter /but comes with a adapter lead to connect...
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    ebiking in torrential rain /what mode throttle/pas or no assist?

    hi all in the 4 years ive had an ebike kudos vita uno rear hub/3 speed led handlebar unit, I have only been caught in heavy rain twice. my local supermarket is 3 miles away and in most cases if it looks like its going to to be heavy rain I go into highest assist and get home. today a toss up...
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    will the lcd 3 work with 48v? and 48v with yose/elife shop 350w moter

    hello all I have yose/elife shop 350w 36v rear hub moter lvd3 the supplied 15amp kt controller. I have ordered the kt 36/48v svpr-17a controller which is the psw one, but ordered through aliexpress which I expect to arrive in the next couple of days as it has arrived in the uk. I have...
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    can i run a 17ah and 13,8ah together?

    hi all when I first had my kudos vita uno ebike back in 2014 was a bit limited by range on its 10ah battery. I now have changed the rear hub moter to yosepower/elife shop 350w with 5 levels of pas /full speed throttle 15amp kt controller and is speed sensor. in the past range was the...
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    how do i reset trip meter on lcd3 please?

    hi all i have reset trip meter on lcd3 to zero in the past .but cannot find the info on how I did it. its not in the manual I have, I seem to get into set up mode speed/miles/kph/wheel size.
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    should wattmeter and dmm reading be the same?

    hi all I have a enerpack softpak battery which I am going to try on my 350w , I have made up a lead as follows enerpack has xt90 , so I have xt90 to xt60, with a wattmeter in between , which will then connect to controller. if I measure my bottle battery with a voltmeter I get a reading of...
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    one of those 5 minute jobs that turn out taking forever

    hi all yesterday I decide its time to get my wattmeter sorted, by adding a male/female xt60- to the bare wires of wattmeter which are 12g and make up a lead using a xt90. having had a bit of a job to solder a xt60 in the past I have a 100w soldering iron/helping hand /solder etc, prior to...
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    where to buy a 36v 250w geared moter wheel

    trying to find a rear hub moter wheel to replace my bafang 8 fun 36v 250w moter wheel only 26" but can only seem to find kits which seem to be throttle only anyone in uk do moter wheels? as shipping from china will be costly
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    more battery mussings

    hi all I tend to do my longer hilly journeys on nice summer days. last bank holiday Monday went to open air market, which is hilly about 25miles in total. battery 10.4ah yosepower bottle battery. tdz2 250w kit. did said journey , 6 miles next day ran out of battery after 5 miles. so...
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    going to fit my wattmeter but want too checkhere before i do

    hi all bought a wattmeter last year but did not fit it. since then I have 2 more batteries, and have changed some of my battery /controller conections to xt60 I just want to check my connections in pic are correct. the meter will be in the lower seat post tube area about 6-10" above...
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    cheap wire strippers for wires less than 22g ?

    hi all my wire stripper tool will not strip the small thin wires on jullet cable lead. can only find £30 ones that go smaller.
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    while looking for ebike related info i found this

    hi all found a site called lots of interesting tips under (the how to) section.
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    my kt 17amp controller has arrived but is square wave not sine wrong connections

    hello all I have elifeshop 350w rear hub moter with lcd3 display , 15amp controller jullet connecters. having blown one controller doing a shunt mod, I decided to order a 36/48 6 mosfet sinewave controller and led 890 basic handlebar unit controller kt 36/48 svpr-17a ordered? received...