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    Professors suggest avoiding the word 'cyclist' because it 'dehumanises people who ride bikes'

    Road safety and psychology professors are calling for people to avoid using the word “cyclist” after a study concluded the word dehumanises people who ride bikes and may put them at increased risk of road aggression...
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    Help! Bottom Bracket knobbled, Need to source a new frame ;(

    Hi all. My bike, that Burisch GT250 i bought in 2012 seems to have come to the end of its useful life. The other day i started hearing grinding noise in my bottom bracket, eventually it broke mid-journey. All this occured a few weeks after researching 'bottom braket torque sensors' for a...
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    Torque Sensors

    Hi . I have an idea for a new torque based sensor, but first some background. As most here already know there are PAS sensors where your cadence is used to activate the power to the motor. There are also torque sensors which act to provide varying leves of power to the motor by sensing the...
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    Can the cold weather Freeze the Rear Motor?

    I live in a block of flats and my bike is stored outside in a cyle area for residents.. This morning i got up to find the rear wheel frozen solid, it would not budge. I thought the breaks might have been caught up on the disc so i slacken that, but it remind rigid. Now i have the bike indoors...
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    Cracked Disc Brakes mounts points.

    The other day whilst cleaning the bike i noticed on the front fork the mounts points for my disc brakes was cracked. A closer examination revealed both mount points were damaged, one with a big lump missing, the other with a hair-line crack. The bolts are still holding. The front fork is a...
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    Cheapest new Battery?

    I just found this on ebay. Does anyone know of a cheaper source for a new 36v Battery
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    The incredible Mando Footloose This e-bike design has no chain. Instead it has a dynomo which uses your pedel power to generate electricity. I wonder how well this works when the battery is flat....
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    UK source for 36v Twist Throttle with key switch ?

    I have a fault with my throttle, it may be fixable but i am looking anyway for a UK source for a replacement. Does anyone know where i can get a 36v Twist Throttle with key switch like the one below ...
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    Lockable Dust Caps?

    Have you ever had one of those days, someone at work resents your electrified ride and decides 'just for a joke' to let the air down and bend the tube vales to prevent you reinflating? Or someone new to the bike shed decides to introduce himself by letting down your tires for sport. Well here's...
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    Ebike - Technology that's over a century old

    Who Knew? ;-) Patent US552271 - ELECTRICAL BICYCLE - Google Patents
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    Protective Cloating - Overkill?

    I was thinking, would it be overkill to wear a motor cycle or scooter jacket on an ebike? The cost, compared to a regular coat, isn't prohibitive. They are of course designed to cut wind chill, they also come with 'armor' for areas like shoulders and elbows and backs. If you fall off a...
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    Best Looking E-bikes!

    Call me fickle, but they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. On a pedelec that might read as 'in thighs of the rider'. However after the spec check, and the performance which will largely conforms to the same road legal standards, the next point of interest must surely be the way that...
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    26V Battery on 36V controller?

    I'm thinking of putting my old and possibly still useful controller on my old bike. My old bike has a working 26v 10A battery, the controller is 36v 12A. Question, would the bike work? Would the under current cut off prevent the any current getting to the motor? Or is that down to the battery's...
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    Sensor or Sensorless?

    Hi all, i'm looking to replace my existing controller with one which can work with or without the hall sensors connected. Question. If, for the reason of making fewer connections, i connected the controller up without the hall sensors, would this make much of a difference to the performance of...
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    Should the cold weather affect Battery or Controller?

    Of late the power cuts out for no reason. Power is restored immediately upon turning the key off and on. The only thing i can think of is the weather, which is a bit nippy of late. Also there appears to be plenty of juice in the battery. Would the controller cut out due to the weather? Is...
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    Councils considering 20mph zones

    Does anyone suppose this will apply to cyclists, or might this actual benefit the ebike industry? I'm thinking slower traffic in cities, less advantage of cars over bikes, greater the advantage of e-transport. Councils considering 20mph zones - UK News - MSN News UK
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    ThunderBirds are go?

    MSV Explorer amphibious vehicle promises perpetual motion - In pictures: MSV Explorer amphibious vehicle promises perpetual motion - Photos - News - MSN Cars UK
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    Losening Spokes

    I seem to have a problem with spokes working themselves loose. Its the first time i've encountered anything like this. Is there a standard fix, eg nut sealing gel applied to the thread of the spokes, or would this be down to the way the wheel is balanced?
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    NEC increases electric vehicle battery capacity 30 percent

    NEC has been focusing on improving electric vehicle batteries recently and has now managed to increase the capacity of high voltage, long life manganese lithium-ion batteries by 30% using a new cathode and anode design. The Japanese company achieved this by partly replacing the lithium...
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    What is the point to these?

    electric bicycle bike scooter 36v 250w | eBay