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    Sheared screw - help please!

    Hi all, I've been happily using a KTM Macina Sport for the last 18 months with no problems. However, the screw that holds the rack and mudguard to the frame has suddenly sheared off, leaving a broken bit behind that I can't get out (pics attached). I went to a bike shop this afternoon, who...
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    Quick question about Kudos Tornado / Arriba

    Just a quick q - can you fit a normal rear-wheel luggage rack to one of these? Seatpost racks probably wouldn't be strong enough for my normal travel weight (laptop + papers + clothes). Thanks!
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    Old Wisper 905SE - quick question

    Hi all, To tide me over while BH is being repaired, I picked up an old Wisper 905 Works SE Sport third-hand. It looks like being about 4 years old - here's a photo: Quick question: I don't understand the LEDs. It looks like battery but it went down to red under heavy load and then came...
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    BH Emotion serious problems

    Hi all, I've been having a great time with my BH Emotion Neo Cross since last November, but for one serious problem: the spokes on the rear wheel keep breaking. I'm not doing anything unusual - just commuting in general. Nor am I particularly heavy! I've now taken it in to be repaired...
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    Ebikes versus normal bikes for commuting

    Hi all, I'm looking to invest in an electric bike, but I wonder if I could get your advice on how it feels to shift from normal bikes to ebikes for regular commuting. My situation's about to change and I'd like to check if an ebike is what I need. I live in London and am in reasonable...