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    Can anyone help re Suzhou Bafang 250 watt humming but not turning the wheel?

    I recently had a 250 watt Suzhou Bafang which was in good working order rebuilt into a new rim. Now with everything reconnected when I work the throttle the motor makes a loud humming noise but does not drive the wheel. There is also a much quieter whirring noise inside the hub as though the...
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    Edinburgh Electric Bike Hire Proposal

    See this story in Edinburgh Evening News 28 05 13: Edinburgh mulls electric bike hire scheme - Transport -
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    Here is some interesting footage on how to avoid injury when you ride your electric bike on to a main road against a red light in front of a huge lorry which demolishes the bike: BBC News - Bike rider survives lorry crash after riding through red light Apologies for the odd title. I pressed...
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    Dawes Boost City Ladies Electric Bike 2012

    Does anyone know anything about the Dawes Boost City Ladies Electric Bike 2012? It seems remarkably cheap for £799 rrp and £720 discounted, yet has a reasonable specification with rear wheel brushless motor, six speed derailleur, throttle and pedelec, 24 volt, 10 amp Li-on battery. Dawes is...
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    Conditioning new lithium battery without riding the bike?!

    I have just bought a new 24 volt 10 amp LiFePO4 and would like to condition it by running it down to the cut-off point a few times and fully recharging. At present however I do not have time to ride the bike the requisite number of miles (15 to 20 each time, I expect), but I can tape the...
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    26 inch wheel with Shimano Dynahub

    26 inch quick release wheel fitted with Shimano dynahub, inner tube and Marathon Plus puncture resistant tyre on a Rigida Sputnik rim supplied by Spacycles, all in good condition and fine working order. Suggested price £40 plus around £11 for Royal Mail Standard Parcels delivery.
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    36 Volt 9 Amp battery for Mistral, and similar

    This battery has been removed from a now defunct Mistral. It consists of the standard Mistral battery shell, and was re-celled just over a year ago with cells extracted from a battery supplied by QPB Brakes of Sheffield. The battery is in very good condition having been used most days for one...
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    Can I safely fit and run 24 volt motor on a 36 volt system

    The hub on our Mistral has broken (it is not the pawls) so that the pedals will no longer turn the hub. As the 36 volt battery, controller, etc are all in good order, and I happen to have a 250 watt Suzhou Bafang 24 volt motor to hand would it be safe to fit that in place of the existing 36...
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    Electrifying the Flying Scotsman

    Scots invention comes full cycle in global deal - Scotland on Sunday
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    Electrified paramedics for Edinburgh

    Paramedics give new electric bikes a big volt of confidence - Edinburgh Evening News
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    Suzhou Bafang 250w 24v 26 inch motor etc

    Having decided to pursue a different project I have the undernoted, in new condition for sale: Suzhou Bafang 250 watt, 24 volt motor for 26 inch wheel, geared, brushless, sensorless (no hall sensors, and therefore only three connecting wires to the controller). "traffic light" twist...
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    How about suggesting to DoT...

    ... that the new eurosceptic government abandon the proposed adoption of the EU regulations on electric bicycles by seeking a derogation? It would be a fairly harmless assertion of English sovereignty, right to rule the waves, etc and would enable us all to continue to buy start-from-scratch...
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    Charger amperage for LifePO4

    Can anyone advise if it would be safe to use a 24 volt 1.8 amp output Lion charger to charge a 24 volt LifePo4 battery whose dedicated charger is 24 volt 4 amp output? I have more than enough 24 volt 1.8 amp chargers and if the only penalty was a much longer charge time I would prefer to use...
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    Alien takes over Synergie

    Owners of Mistrals, Alien bikes, and kits, etc., will find the following announcement of interest: March 2010 News AlienOcean have taken over the assets of the Fife based "Synergie" Brand and will now be marketing under both the Alien and Synergie brands. All future Synergie bikes...
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    Charging a 29.6 volt with a 24 or 36 volt charger?

    With a view to overvolting a 24 volt motor I have recently made up a LiPo pack with 8 cells giving a median voltage of 29.6 (fully charged 33.6), but do not have a charger precisely matching that voltage. I have used the original 24 volt charger but it struggles to charge to 31 volts, and I...
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    Motor kits from cammy_cc?

    Does anyone have any experience of the motor kits supplied via eBay by cammy_cc, eg Electric bicycle kit 24V 250W E-BIKE RETROFIT KITS New on eBay, also Electric Scooters, Scooters, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods (end time 06-Jun-09 05:52:49 BST) A search suggests that some may have bought...
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    Herald news story

    There is a useful piece of Scottish publicity in the Herald today for ebikes: The Ebike Like Riding A Tandem With Chris Hoy (from The Herald )
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    Phylion "handbag" casing wanted.

    Not now required.
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    Never buy another battery, just a packet of salt!

    A glass of salt and a glass of fresh water, plus the magic membrane, perhaps a little pumping pressure via the pedals, and we need never buy another battery: River estuaries a source of 'blue' power - from Practical Boat Owner magazine
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    £300 fine plus £1800 costs for "dangerous" rollerblading

    How about this BBC NEWS | England | Merseyside | Skating pensioner fined by court for an example of the ridiculous attitude of the courts to road traffic offences (or in this case contravention of local byelaws)? If the pensioner had driven down a street exceeding the speed limit in a...