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    Brief review of the Tern Vektron P7i .. warts and all.

    The spec for this can be viewed at I got my bike from 'Bicycles by design' in Telford (OK, really in Coalport), since they were one of the few places that actually had a usable demonstrator, which I could try before parting with a 50% deposit...
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    I've seen a few suggestions that the Paris model is worth considering, and wondered what opinions are about this one .. the bike, the components, or the company. It seems to have what I want, but I have a...
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    Bike shortage makes bbc news .. Including comment on the increase in thefts.
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    Broken links?

    The 'find a retailer' link from the home page takes me to a 404, not found (sometimes via a complaint about expired security certificate). The 'find a bike' link takes me to a 'site under repair' holding page. Is there any chance either of these will spring back to life soon?