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    BBS02 replacement crank arms

    First chink in the armour of my bb02s kit. Riding to work yesterday and the left pedal fell off! Looking at the crank arm and the thread has crumbled to nothing. The pedal wasn't cross threaded and it was tightened properly. I'm in conversation with the seller but the pitfall of buying in Asia...
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    Just fitted BBS02 kit

    Following some very good advice from member here I've just finished fitting my 500w 36v kit which arrived from Hong Kong over the past couple of days (thanks DHL for turning a simple 2 box delivery into a farce!). After nipping out to my local JE James for a crank puller and other bits and...
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    Bike options for a fat bloke?

    I've had some advice on here about a year ago when I was looking to convert my bike to electric. I've decided that I'll keep my old bike and get an electric bike to use alongside it. My usage will be approximately 10 miles a day with a sustained 300-ish foot climb one way. I'm 125kg so need...
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    Another tubby newbie!

    I'm spotting a trend! ;-) Like many, I have lurked here for a while and have decided to move ahead and actually buy something! I've posted in the kit section so hopefully someone can help me. I'm rapidly approaching 40 years, 150kg and an early coffin. Time to get on the bike methinks!
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    Chunky monkey needs a kit!

    Hi all, sorry to come in with my first post being a request for a build but I've been looking through the site and am still so full of confusion that I might never get round to it unless I get some help! I'm looking to convert my Mongoose Tyax Super (2009 version) for a specific commute. It...