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  1. harrys

    Error 06 on KT-controller

    PSWpower 20A sinewave model. I've had an occasional Error 06 when powering it up in the morning. Shaking the connector bundle on the controller, and wiggling the 9 pin Julet connector to the motor always cleared it. Last night, I happened to look down and see the controller registering over...
  2. harrys

    KT LCD3:L1-L3 parameters?

    Not that I want to change them, but I got there accidentally by pressing up/down together for two seconds at the C14 parameter, thinking that would exit the C menu. There are three L1,L2, L3. I got out of there by powering down the battery. I don't think I changed them, Hope not anyway. As I...
  3. harrys

    PSWpower 20A Sine Wave Controller

    I am running a newly purchased unit with a geared no name (well they're all no name) motor where I know nothing about its gearing or the number of magnets.Hence P1 setting is guesswork. What I've noticed is that the speed is accurate when coasting. Under acceleration, the display jumps between...
  4. harrys

    SW900 LCD

    You UK guys might know more about this display. I have used KT controllers and know how to wire in a speed sensor. The controller that came with the SW900 doesn't have a separate connector for speedometer. It doesn't show the speed when coasting. Might be a setup issue, but I think it needs a...
  5. harrys

    TSD-Z2 optioning question

    PSWpower lists TS-QD197 and TS-WD215 as options under the "Right" category. What are they, please? Am again considering the 36V 350W kit for a light weight bike. I would get a throttle because I am used to having them, although my riding style is pedal assist.
  6. harrys

    Phoebe 36V/48V Controller with learning wire

    I recently bought this controller off aliexpress. I was attracted by the price, $45 USD, and that the different models supported 36V and 48V with an LCD. I bought their 48V 350W model. Shipped to the USA in about 10 days...