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    Please remove it

    When I come on the site a green box appears guiding me to the right bike for me, please and I really do mean please get rid of it, nothing more than this would stop me buying a bike that was recommended by this method.
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    Oxford cycling congestion

    TOWN OF CYCLES - British Pathé Plus other great clips, post your favourites.
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    Just reading the label on a bottle of bleach (as you do) and wondered if it kills 99.9% of germs what is the other 0.01%. Could it be the silly grin virus or what ????????:D:D
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    Powabyke x24 spares problem

    A friend of mine has a motor that has shed teeth on the nylon gears inside the motor. The bike is only 2 years old, I contacted Powabyke regarding obtaining new gears or a replacement wheel and price. Their reply was quick and directed me to their motor expert, I phoned and enquired about...
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    Powabyke planetary gears

    Just opened up my mates x24 motor and found that 2 of the gears have shed some teeth. I have contacted powabyke and am awaiting there reply, does anyone know of a possible supplier of suitable gears for ebike motors.Thanks John
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    Quick BMS question

    I have searched the site looking for a general BMS cut out voltage for a 36v Li ion. I don't have a problem it's for information only, thanks. John
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    powabyke wont go

    Sorry made a mistake in posting can't seem to delete it.
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    WOW WOW WOW We just won the FA Cup:D:D:D:D
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    Can I claim it

    Electric Mountain Bikes Haibike | Justebikes electric bike sales and service Click on the electric mountain bikes tab still listed as FREE Amazing
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    Hot £1 Coin

    Went out to do my daily shop, got home to watch Wigan Warriors, sat down while my son made me a cup of tea..... Then the right cheek of my bum started to feel painful, so as an experienced biker I stuck it out, not being a softie I stuck it out for another 10 seconds, when the pain got too...
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    battery problem after storage update

    I have checked the cell voltages which are shown below. I checked voltage from pos to neg on each cell I assume and hope this is correct? Dave can you please explain how I charge individual cells. Thanks .John
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    Battery ????

    Today I refitted my battery that I took off in November, it has been fully charged, ie I charged it every 2 months. Going out tonight I travelled 1.5 miles then the bike cut out, no power, switched off with the key, switched back on power back, twisted throttle and it cut out straight away...
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    Cyclist injured in snow

    A friend of mine after falling off his bike in the recent snow
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    I read all these posts, heart rate, pulse, etc, why not ride your bike whatever it may be and just enjoy being out on the road doing what you want to do and don't analyse every moment of the ride.:)
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    powabyke euro

    As above black bike usual surface rust low down on frame, original good condition seat, batteries not new but ok for quite a few miles, with charger, good tyres, everything works, 26" wheels, had it for 3 years never let me down, £120. I am in Wigan.
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    S B Motor noise fixed

    My Aurora started making a loud crunching noise as it accelerated, once up to speed it went quiet, I opened up the motor and found that a screw had dropped out and was rubbing against the motor casing, luckily it had not got into the nylon gears and no damage was done, refitted the screw with...
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    Something for the future "maybe"

    Just came across this article Precision chains aid development of new electric bike
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    Big Grin

    After two and a half years of ebiking does anyone know how to get rid of the big grin, do you have it removed by surgery or do they have to shoot you ?????:D:D:D:D
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    Alien battery update

    Posted a few days ago about premature battery cut out on my Aurora, I returned the battery under warranty on 13.03.12. Jim phoned me up today telling me one cell had failed and a new battery will be with me Friday 16.03.12. That's what I call service. Thanks Jim if you ever look on...
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    Information only

    I found this quite interesting HowStuffWorks "How Lithium-ion Batteries Work" link takes you to page 2 sorry