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  1. J

    Brightest possible front light

    Hi, Now the evenings are drawing in quickly I'm trying to find the brightest possible light I can so that I can still ride in the evenings - There are no street lights for part of my journey and hence it is pitch black ! I probably don't need too long a battery life as my riding in the dark...
  2. J

    Does anyone ever have to get off their pedal assist on really big hills?

    Hi Well I'm very pleased with my Raleigh Leeds Tour low step. It is a delight to ride, having adjusted it all to my comfort. I rode it home from the shop and although it was quite hard work compared with the throttle of the Ezee etc, I had every confidence when pulling away at junctions...
  3. J

    Trelock KS 695 cable lock

    Can anyone tell me if this lock, which I believe has been superseded in number, purchased around 2006, is a high security lock? It certainly is very solid and thick, it was just that I was looking on the cycle insurance site and they mention locks for bikes over £1500 must have a Gold...
  4. J

    2012 Kalkhoff Agattu C8 Impulse -v- Raleigh Leeds Tour - Lowstep ??

    Hi, I'm used to an Ezee Sprint which is both sit on and ride and pedalec. I'm thinking of changing my bike for various reasons. I understand you can no longer get "sit on and ride" but that the pedelecs are improved on those of the early 2000's. I'm interested in the above two bikes and...
  5. J

    Motor hub Sprint

    I have a Sprint which I'm keeping for spares basically, but I tried my new battery on it and the wiring seems fine, however, the motor kicks in but never quite gets going - it's as if the motor is catching inside somehow. A clue might be that the front wheel will not go backwards very easily...
  6. J

    Sprint "sensor fault" 8 red flashes

    I rode 10 miles today and had only two "blips" where I was happily cycling up a gradient in assist, low gears, and suddenly there was a kind of revving and the power cut out. Light still on the handlebar. Turned the key off and on and it worked, but I counted the red light diagnostics - 8 -...
  7. J

    Rack box for Sprint?

    I have a "Flinger" bike box on my Sprint rack. However because of the shape of the bottom of the box it does sit rather far back and consequently must be causing drag. Can anyone suggest a different box that would fit better on the Sprint back rack? The rack does look as if it can be...
  8. J

    New battery/motor cut out?

    Hi all, I had a good run on my Sprint with my 14 Ah battery and finally got it as near to empty as possible, that's my two early total discharges out of the way. I believe after this I can top up every time I use my bike, give or take a few round the village to the shops trips - only about...
  9. J

    Sprint tyre pressure 45 or 60 psi?

    Hi, I'm enjoying being back on Pedelec again and am occasionally re-reading some older threads, mainly on my Sprint and, naturally, batteries! I would have posted this in the Technical forum but I think the permissions are with the experts so could not post my question there. Sorry if this...
  10. J

    First cycle ride since August 2008

    Well having received my new battery - the larger lion 14Ah battery for my Ezee Sprint - I finally went out for my first cycle ride since August 2008. At that price it is important to condition the battery correctly so needed to fully discharge the battery! Well what a lovely experience it...
  11. J

    Best bike for hills/ ezee batteries

    Hi, I have a step-thro' Ezee Sprint, 2006/7 model not ridden for quite a while. Batteries obviously are an issue now. Familiar with cut outs of Lithium batteries in the past on climbing hills, so had NiMH batteries, however, I have two questions as I feel I want to use my bike this year, and...
  12. J

    Battery charging Li + NiMH temp

    Yesterday I charged one Li and two NimH batteries after a long cycle. I left them all for just over 4 hours and when I returned they all had the green light on the charger (originally orange and all chargers were working). I noted that the NimH batteries were warm to the touch, but the Li...
  13. J

    Sprint motor noise solved

    A few months ago I posted that our Sprint motors were rather noisey, however, a short time later, because of other things we were storing in our wooden bike shed which felt rather damp, we invested in a dehumidifyer which we run overnight on the low economy electric rate. I'm convinced that...
  14. J

    Two-way communication system??

    I'm probably asking for something that does not exist ! However, it would be great if when out cycling as a couple we could communicate thro a hands free type of thing. I have seen motocyclists using something like this. Anyone any ideas? Many thanks Jeanette
  15. J

    New Sanyo Lithium battery

    Hi, I'd be interested to know what members think about the new Sanyo Lithium batteries for Ezee bikes. Are you pleased with it's range and performance so far? Is it worthy of it's high price? I'm about to get one so would be interested in any replies. Thanks very much Jeanette
  16. J

    Ezee Sprint home maintenance

    Hi, I have just adjusted my front brakes as they were rather slack. I regularly check my tyres and oil my chain. I wonder though how often should I have my bike professionally serviced? Is there anything else I should be checking on routinely on my home maintenance? My front break...
  17. J

    Brake tightening Ezee Sprint

    I've forgotten how to adjust the right hand brake lever on my handlebar. It feels pretty loose and almost touches the grip. The brake does work OK. Can you help ? Thanks Jeanette
  18. J

    Tyre pressure -maximum

    I see that some people inflate their tyres to as high as 85 psi !! - the manual on my Ezee Sprint says 40 psi. I'm aware of the importance of weekly checking tyre pressure and keeing it as it should be for maximum benefit, however, what would happen if I inflate them to a higher psi - would I...
  19. J

    General Electric maintenance Sprint

    Apart from basically checking tyres, chain, nuts and bolts from time to time, is any sort of regular maintenance necessary to the electrics and motor of the Ezee Sprint? - and if so where do members get this done - I'm sure 50 cycles would carry out anything that was needed to be done, and very...
  20. J

    Nimh Ezee battery

    I now have Ezee Nimh batteries and chargers but have no instructions regarding charging and discharging. Flecc what's your advice so that I may get the best out of this battery please. When cycling to work, which with the lighter mornings I shall be doing shortly, my commute is 16 miles round...