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    Kalkhoff Battery not charging

    Hi, we bought a 2011 Kalkhoff Agattu recently which was honestly advertised with a faulty battery. However, on getting it home it has some charge (2 lights) and powers the bike but it won't take any charge. If you press and hold the button it shows 5 lights so we're hopeful it might not be...
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    Giant Lafree Twist Lite Frame

    We have a brand new Lafree frame which we are never going to use so wondered if anyone on the forum is interested or knows of someone who might be. It is the 2002 on crossbar model, size M and is just the basic frame, no wheels/forks/handlebars/motor etc.
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    Wisper 905se on ebay

    Only an hour and a half left and it's at £420, might be of interest to someone. electric bicycle wisper 905se city on eBay (end time 07-Feb-10 19:08:49 GMT)
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    Anyone lost a Lafree?

    Just thought someone might recognise this: ELECTRIC BIKE LAFREE BY GIANT ***NO RESERVE*** on eBay, also Electric Battery Powered, Ride-on Cars, Outdoor Toys Activities, Toys Games (end time 30-Sep-08 20:22:05 BST) We spoke to the guy selling it and he doesn't know much about it and says he...
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    Sunrunner Cycles

    Has anybody seen or tried one of these bikes? I actually bought my Lafree Lite from the guy selling them so he should know what a good electric bike feels like :-) It seems to be offering an amazing 3 year guarantee on the battery (lithium iron phosphate) and motor and says the battery can...
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    NiCd to NiMh?

    Thank you all for your help with our Lafree motor problem. Now on to our other bike!! This is a 5/6 year old Eco Ped which is an import from Austria with a front hub 36v Schachner motor. It has a NiCd battery pack with 30 1.2v 500mah cells which fits in the rear rack using a jack socket for...
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    Lafree motor noise

    Hi all, We have a Lafree that has started to make some motor noise. A new noise has appeared to go with the usual one that the motor makes as you ride. The bike is about four years old but hasn't covered a huge mileage. The noise is is not that loud, a sort of faint screech. It sounds...