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  1. rower

    Returning my ebike to Decathlon tonight and here's why

    You may have read my review of my ebike from a few months ago, in February. The review of this bike was accurate for the time, but...
  2. rower review the Panda mid drive conversion kit (£600) If you compare the cost of one of these plus a good 2nd hand bike against my pedelec you could make a saving of over a quarter grand.
  3. rower

    Do you think an ebike could compete in the Scottish six day trials?

    I caught an episode of the Ross noble show about the Scottish six day trials the other night, and wondered if a top of the line ebike could realistically compete in the event. You can get details about the competition from here but the long and short is that it's a nearly...
  4. rower

    Surprised that not more people on this forum have B'Twin ebikes

    Hi, I posted my review of my B'Twin Elops 900E pedelec the other day, and looking around the forum I was surprised that not more people on seem to have them, since Decathlon is such a big retailer (they currently stock 6 bikes ranging from £650 to £1,800). Did you look into...
  5. rower

    Btwin Elops 900E low frame Dutch bike - >600km and loving it - £999 but £62 tyre upgrade recommended

    Introduction I bought this bike last October with an aim to nearly eliminate my car use except on proper trips, even in howling winds and rain. Knowing that just trying to use a normal bike would have me reaching for the car keys at least every one morning in three (particularly to get to...