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  1. shambolic

    Can I tweak this motor to get a bit more out of it?

    My bike has a Bafang 8fun motor and this is the controller: I can change the current and voltage settings but not sure if these are what's needed. The bike is hitting 15mph at the moment but I would prefer to set it at 17mph which I understand is still within the legal allowance. Anyone know...
  2. shambolic

    Stolen A2B Metro gen 2 Black form Colchester

    My bike was stolen from a garden in Colchester last night. It is an A2B metro gen 2 all black even the battery on the back. I have never seen another in this area and when the battery runs out they have no charger. So there is a chance it may be dumped somewhere unless someone is prepared to buy...
  3. shambolic

    Add a Throttle to an Ebco Eagle?

    There is a good deal going on an EBCO eagle and it looks like the kind of bike I can handle with my disability throttle. Is it possible to add a throttle to these kind of bikes?
  4. shambolic

    How long running the bike to keep the battery good?

    Looking at the coming winter I'm starting to consider how to keep the battery conditioned in the winter. As I understand it the battery needs to be used at least once a week as Lithium batteries prefer to be used. My question is what sort of amount of use do they need. Can I just hitch up the...
  5. shambolic

    5 month old Woosh Zephyr B £600

    I am selling my 5 month old Woosh Zephyr B. I find it difficult to ride due to health problems so have finally owned up it is not the bike for me. It is in great condition apart from a wear mark on the bar just below the saddle where I used to hang my bike lock. I have had Schwalbe Marathon plus...
  6. shambolic

    A2B or A2B like bike with Assisted pedalling and Throttle?

    I have really been struggling with my E-bike, a Woosh Zephyr B. It's no fault of the bike I just think with my physical limits due to health issues I find it really hard going. I have an Iped, a moped style E-bike which is easy but has no exercise value. I am thinking one big point needed is a...
  7. shambolic

    Looking for a really comfortable saddle

    Hi all, I am looking for a reallly comfortable saddle. I'm talking sofa comfortable here. I have read all the stuff about not getting a really soft saddle etc. but circumstances are different here as, because of my health, I mostly use the Throttle on my Woosh Zephyr B, with occasional assisted...
  8. shambolic

    Storing an electric Bike?

    I have been storing my bike in my music studio but it is becoming a problem. The other options are a wooden shed or to buy some kind of bike storage ( preferably one that isn't the same cost as the bike). My concern is the batteries, the shed heats up in the summer and is cold in the winter. Any...
  9. shambolic

    This looks a well specced bike?

    From everything I've read on here, this bike looks well specced. Not a well known retailer though.
  10. shambolic

    Bike for specific needs?

    Hi all, so I have been using one of the electric mopeds for quite a while now and it has been great for me, having mobility problems. Now I have problems with blood pressure so I need something with more of an excersise tilt. I can only pedal for brief periods and then need the throttle to...
  11. shambolic

    80% charge after short time with Lipos?

    Hi all. I know that most Lithium batterys charge up to 80% fairly quickly. Is that the same with Lipos? What sort of time span would it generally take to get to 80%?. It would be really useful to know this. If I go somewhere and plug in for a few hours it would be very useful to know the battery...
  12. shambolic

    Current best way to monitor battery time left?

    Hi, I have just bought an Iped lite electric Moped/bike and my one big issue is the lack of straightforward battery monitoring. There is a readout of current voltage but I am never really sure what it is telling me as regards time left on the battery. It is crucial to me to know this as this...
  13. shambolic

    E-Mopeds, harshly judged

    Been browsing on here and researching all over the net for a while before buying and I've got to correct the view on here about the E-mopeds only being good on the flat. It simply just not true. I bought one of the bikes the original poster asked about here...