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    extra battery

    The main advantage - it is still under the panniers (hidden and protected) and I can use either battery without any hassles. If I leave the bike unattended then I put my spare battery in the lockable box I have on the back of the bike as I'm conscious of the high cost of the battery !
  2. J

    extra battery

    Perhaps the easiest option, which I do, is to cycle with a spare battery and swap them over when the first one runs out...........?
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    Brightest possible front light

    Hi (apologies if the following is already appearing somewhere - I posted yesterday but don't see it here today - maybe because I wasn't logged in at the time ?). Thanks for everyone's suggestions which have been very helpful. I've decided to go for a CREE T6 1800Lm light - and I'll let you...
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    Brightest possible front light

    Hi - thanks to everyone for your posts and information. I've decided to go for the Cree XML T6 1800Lm LED light - if it's too bright I can always use a lesser setting, fortunately where I shall be using it there won't be many cars around - as if there were I'd be able to see a little better...
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    Brightest possible front light

    Hi, Now the evenings are drawing in quickly I'm trying to find the brightest possible light I can so that I can still ride in the evenings - There are no street lights for part of my journey and hence it is pitch black ! I probably don't need too long a battery life as my riding in the dark...
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    Why do so many Ebike sellers have no stock?

    And I can vouch for Cyclezee's service - also their good communication - the more we keep our business with the UK dealers, perhaps more bikes would be able to be kept in stock.
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    Does anyone ever have to get off their pedal assist on really big hills?

    That's it exactly Indalo - now you have put it that way - I realise that is actually what I want, because I need the exercise and have recently been doing classes and treadmill at my gym, the bike is an added extra to get there - 6 miles away (with hills - hee hee !) and in particular it is not...
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    Does anyone ever have to get off their pedal assist on really big hills?

    Thanks Flecc and Eddieo That makes sense, as I found out today when going up the hill in 2nd rather than 1st. Over the weekend I'll try concentrating on technique rather than expecting it to carry me up like the Ezee. I had considered standing but this didn't seem a good idea as I'd be a...
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    Does anyone ever have to get off their pedal assist on really big hills?

    Hi Well I'm very pleased with my Raleigh Leeds Tour low step. It is a delight to ride, having adjusted it all to my comfort. I rode it home from the shop and although it was quite hard work compared with the throttle of the Ezee etc, I had every confidence when pulling away at junctions...
  10. J

    Trelock KS 695 cable lock

    Can anyone tell me if this lock, which I believe has been superseded in number, purchased around 2006, is a high security lock? It certainly is very solid and thick, it was just that I was looking on the cycle insurance site and they mention locks for bikes over £1500 must have a Gold...
  11. J

    2012 Kalkhoff Agattu C8 Impulse -v- Raleigh Leeds Tour - Lowstep ??

    Spot on Flecc !! :) it was a Giant Lafree. Jeanette
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    2012 Kalkhoff Agattu C8 Impulse -v- Raleigh Leeds Tour - Lowstep ??

    Hi and thanks for all the comments and advice. Flecc thanks for your kind words, I've looked in from time to time, but now feel like really getting into cycling again, but with a fresh start. I tested the Raleigh Leeds low step 3 gear yesterday and was amazed to see how much easier it was...
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    2012 Kalkhoff Agattu C8 Impulse -v- Raleigh Leeds Tour - Lowstep ??

    Hi, I'm used to an Ezee Sprint which is both sit on and ride and pedalec. I'm thinking of changing my bike for various reasons. I understand you can no longer get "sit on and ride" but that the pedelecs are improved on those of the early 2000's. I'm interested in the above two bikes and...
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    Motor hub Sprint

    I have a Sprint which I'm keeping for spares basically, but I tried my new battery on it and the wiring seems fine, however, the motor kicks in but never quite gets going - it's as if the motor is catching inside somehow. A clue might be that the front wheel will not go backwards very easily...
  15. J

    How To Enjoy an Operation

    Well Tony I think I shall certainly have to agree with you - you are certainly "odd" but we're all so glad that you're back home and already on the road of recovery. I'm sure the theatre staff and surgeon "enjoyed" having you there, as you say it must have made their day interesting. Just...
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    Best wishes to flecc

    Yes Tony, wishing all the best and I shall be thinking of you tomorrow. Look forward to reading that you're back home and on the mend - I imagine it's going to be rather restricting for you to be "grounded" and away from home, your bikes, and, of course your PC - for which we are all so...
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    Nissan leaf a good deal or not?

    When I saw the item on the news, the one thing that wasn't mentioned was how long it would take to charge the battery, it seems to me that even if there were lots of public charging points - how long would you be sat there for? !
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    Symptoms of a failing battery

    I'm beginning to recall and refresh my mind re batteries, however, bearing in mind my battery is guaranteed for 2 years - 14Ah Lithium for Ezee Sprint Having done the two conditioning cycles.............. Keeping it at house room temperature Removing the charger within a couple of hours...
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    The Ugliest Electric Bike

    I suspect it would not be high on the list of the bike thieves !!
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    Another cyclist dies

    Don't believe everything reported in the press Remember though, don't believe everything that's reported, especially at the beginning of the episode. Wrong press causes extreme extra stress and grief, my Richard was reported as speeding and having crashed into a van - in both local and...