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    Beware of dogs!

    Anybody had a nasty experience with dogs while cycling? I know i know- Uk is animal lover country, but to have them coming after you when riding isn´t fun. At least for me. any helpful tips? Note: I own a big dog, a cinnamon Belgium shepherd. And always liked the beasties. Always had one. Poppy.
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    Recovering from injuries: How to cope with non-cycling?

    Got a relapse from pained shoulder on account of riding again when apparently not fully recovered. I´ve ended up with minor tendinitis. Now I fear an extended pause. And I am in serious need of consolation, advice, tips against impatience and cheerful/positive comments!
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    K.A. pro connect delays.

    Anyone suffering from the same problem? I need consolation!
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    Kalkhoff Pro Connect gents. Any real photos would be welcome.

    I asked Kalkhoff for different pictures than the one on their site. They sent the same one, only bigger. Regards.
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    Top five e-bikes/pedelecs according to users.

    I think it could be useful/informative to establish in this site some sort of ranking in popularity, based on the opinions of amateur users, as opposite to the ones set up by experts or critics. It could show that they usually don´t coincide.
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    Unfit and lazy old timers who insist on cycling-come forward!

    I am willing to lead this group. I´m sure I won´t be disputed this dubious honor. Please, do be brave and share your moving (obvious and dumb pun) experiences. Regards.
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    Spanish in exchange for English?

    Hello everybody! It occurs to me that maybe some of you, like me, are trying to practise a foreign language. In my case it´s English, obviously! I am an available punching ball for Spanish learners, like all of you are being the same for me. But I have to be very careful and not stray away...
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    pedelecking:the musts and the musn´ts while riding them?

    After my recent fall, and forced inactivity, I´ll wellcome any tips prior my feared back to riding: weather, roads, trails...
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    falling off the bike.

    I´ve just had my first serious falling off the bike after 2.200 km. I guess ii wasn´t paying enough attention when i went into a tight bend with loose gravel. Scratches on knee and elbow and hit hard on the shoulder. Took me awhile to get up, and when i did I fainted. When I came to i was too...
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    E-biking and loss of weight.

    I´ve lost 5 pounds after 2.500 km done in 6 months. What a crappy score! Well, that is likely to happen if I don´t want to sweat, ja ja!
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    Crime fiction readers that bike too!

    Are there many of you cyclist that have the same tastes?
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    fiftyish and smoking cyclists.

    Hi, I am Poppy and I´d like to share experiences with members of this sad lot. Desperate people fighting against all odds a losing battle in the cycling area unless one ikcks the habit. Of smoking, that is. Come on, nothing can be that shameful that can´t be told. Regards.