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    theft of electric bikes

    I read this article & thought that what was not mentioned was the most important - how to secure your bike against theft. I use both physical & psychological methods...
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    Valeo combines an ebike motor and an automatic gearbox in one unit

    I thought this might be of interest
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    winter tyres studless

    Question - any practical experience of using Continental - Top Contact - Winter tyres I am thinking of purchasing as I am tarmac only and its mainly frost pockets that cause problems I have Schwalbe MARATHON WINTER studded tyres for snow/ice but they are not comfortable on cleared tarmac...
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    Scheme to take control of ebikes in urban areas

    I can see the idea behind this, but it will only work for ebikes & not cyclists who can easily exceed the electric assistance speed cut off.
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    Does anyone ride a moped?

    After a close pass this morning I wondered if having a rear number plate would cause the idiot few drivers who like to overtake on the same side of the road to actually follow the highway code guidance for passing distance. The last time I rode a moped was in the 1970s & I think driving habits...
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    BBSXX Bafang Half Twist Throttle

    Has anyone used a Half Twist Throttle? I am thinking about replacing my Thumb throttle to gain more space on my handlebars. What I would like to know is whether the control keypad will fit over it, as it does on my existing handlebar grips? Also is it more water resistant than the thumb throttle?
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    Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy Report to Parliament February 2020

    I was sent this by the Department, makes for interesting reading.
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    Close passing

    This morning on the way back from shopping a supermarket home delivery van passed me at a distance that made me feel uncomfortable if I had stretched out my arm I could have touched him. I soon sat besides him at traffic lights, where I looked at him until he turned to face me, when I said in...
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    how drivers see you based on the clothes you wear.

    I was sent this link - it sort of makes sense - but It would be nice to see what evidence was collected, what parameters were used, in order to put the conclusions into perspective. As I know that different colours appear brighter until various light levels & visibility differs according to the...
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    Adapt cheap lights to not blind oncoming traffic

    Having fitted lights powered off the main battery that complied with German standards I was astonished to see the clear horizontal beam cut off. It got me thinking about the backup battery lights I was using on country...
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    Stop sun in your eyes

    I did a previous post, thinking that I could find a helmet with a good sun visor. having checked them out, they did not offer any advantages over my existing helmet. Now that the low sun is back I thought...
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    Help! Intermittent fault on battery - causing loss of power My previous thread was trying to find the fault - & suggestions lead me to firstly check the battery. As it was an intermittent fault, the only reliable way was with a replacement battery, which I purchased, & has allowed...
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    Say Bike - why cars pull out in front of bikes Long but interesting article, examples used were motorbikes but the principle remains the same. The conclusion is that a significant proportion of drivers simply forgot seeing the bike, so drive defensively.
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    Power cutting out on BBSHD

    today the power cut out on mile 10 of 15. On return journey sometimes it only lasted seconds. Suggestions please to allow me to identify the problem. On the way back I identified the problem could be 1- Battery (cells or BMS) 2-wiring from battery to controller 3-Controller 4-wiring from...
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    first encounter with electric car

    This morning going along the single track country road, numerous bends, short visibility. Normally I hear a car before seeing it come around the bend, but today for the first time I met an electric car. As its a single track road, I did what I always do whether riding or driving and stopped. The...
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    cycling helmet with sun visor

    Help please. I have been looking to buy a cycle helmet with a sun visor, but whenever I search using that form of words all I find are normal helmets with a tiny visor, that my existing helmet already has. This morning across the traffic filled main road I spotted another cyclist with a helmet...
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    Birmingham A34 bike lane not used by cyclists

    Anyone know the real story? As on the face of it, gold standard infrastructure, a separated bike lane
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    Battery not always fully charging

    I was going to post to ask with help in balancing the battery, but today it fully charged for the first time since February. Battery was described as 52v 17.5ah Lithium battery pack using Panasonic or Sanyo NCR18650GA cells sticker on battery says 2017, but I purchased in January 2018 I...
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    how much would petrol need to increase to change driving habits

    I can remember the fuel supply & price hikes in the 1970's, which lead to changes in driving styles to increase economy. When cycling I am often overtaken, only for the car to then brake to make a turn, when a few seconds delay behind would have achieved the same time at the turn without...
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    close passing by motorists

    “Our results demonstrate that a single stripe of white paint does not provide a safe space for people who ride bikes,” Dr Beck said. “When the cyclist and driver share a lane, the driver is required to perform an overtaking manoeuvre. This is in contrast to roads with a marked bicycle lane...