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    Cromford Canal

    I'm camping near Crich at the weekend and need to get to Matlock Bath. I've cycled along the Cromford Canal towpath before between High Peak junction and Cromford wharf but does anyone know if it's cyclable from High Peak junction to the Whatsandwell area? (on a touring bike not eMTB)
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    Holiday Pottering

    We stopped off near Oxford in our motorhome and I used the ebike to have a bit of an explore around the countryside near the campsite. Amazing how much of interest you see when you have time to dawdle....
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    Changed Commute - Super Soco?

    I've recently changed jobs and whilst my commute is roughly the same length I'm finding it much harder to commute on my Kalkhoff ebike. One reason for this is that its all on road and not dedicated cycle paths like my previous commute. The other (and main) reason is that I have to be there an...
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    Lost Mileage

    I've been commuting on my Kalkhoff Pro Connect 9G for a couple of years now and the controller was recording a mileage of just over 4500 miles. A couple of weeks ago I went over a bump and the mileage reset to zero and is now showing about 90 miles. Any idea what might have happened and if...
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    Manifold Trail

    We've not long got back from our bank holiday Jaunt to the Peak District where we cycled the Manifold Trail on our electric bikes. I've had my Kalkhoff for nearly a year and a half now and covered around 3500 miles mainly commuting to work. Some here were pessimistic about it's longevity as it...
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    Squealing/Squeaking Noise

    My Kalkhoff ProConnect 9G has developed a squeaky squeal that is quite loud. I'm aware of the issues with the Impulse2 motors and it's definitely not clacking. The noise stops when I stop pedalling so it's definitely drive related. I've attempted to determine if it is the motor by turning the...
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    Recommend me a conversion kit

    I've been happily riding my ebike to work for nearly a year now, at the weekend we found ourselves in the Peak District in our motorhome and had taken our ordinary bikes with us to get about. Mrs T really struggled on her Raleigh touring bike and so we are thinking of converting it to an ebike...
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    Cycling Undercrackers

    Apologies for raising this delicate topic but... I've now covered over 1300 miles on my Kalkhoff Pro Connect 9G and am very happy with it, one of the often stated advantages of an ebike is that one can travel to work in normal clothes without getting too hot and sweaty and needing to...
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    Hello I've recently ordered myself a Kalkhoff Pro Connect 9G. I used to ride a normal bike to work a few years back by taking it on the roof of the car in the morning, riding home, then reversing the procedure the following day. I had a few health problems last year and now work somewhere it's...