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  1. Gazzgo

    Upgrade my controller?

    Hi Still new here and learning! I have 250w Dillinger kit which is helping me greatly. However this evening I went out for a short (8 mile) ride at dusk. I hadn't charged the battery since I rode to work the previous day (20 miles on full assistance - level 5). After the commute to work the...
  2. Gazzgo

    Dillinger kit

    Here is my experience fitting and riding with a Dillinger Bike kit. It was bought to try to encourage me to use my bike for a 10 mile each way commute to work. The donor bike is Trex 6500 mountain bike, bought about 8 years ago and sat gathering dust and scratches in my shed. This is the kit...
  3. Gazzgo

    Hi from Lancaster

    Like many I’m getting old and unfit and wanted to jump start my riding as I bought a lovely mountain bike years ago that I haven’t used. After much reading I’ve bought a Dillinger 250w kit with a 13ah Samsung battery. Fitted it today and had a quick 4 mile try. I love it. Makes me feel 25...