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    Car battery on electric bike...not what you think ;)

    I needed a vehicle to collect my refurbished / recharged car battery (heavy beast!) => e-Brompton to the rescue!! :)
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    DIY stage 9: A123 "nano" battery pack [photos]

    Table of Contents:
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    Fun little video to promote cycling !

    I quickly made it using a cheap micro-cam and iMovie (Mac OS X). Just for fun, really :) YouTube - Cycling is fun !
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    Team Hybrid - Falco E-Motors (direct-drive like BionX)

    Is it the hub motor we keep seeing on these e-bikes from Germany since EuroBike 2010 ? FALCO E-Motors | Electric Bike, Ebikes, Conversion Kits from Team Hybrid eBikes. Falco e-motors - eBike, Electric Bicycle Propulsion Components, Systems, Hub Motors, Controllers TEAM HYBRID HANDCYCLES |...
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    Kalkhoff Aguttu for 750 GBP...bargain ?

    - EDIT - now there's a Kalkhoff Pro Connect for 950 GBP or less: Kalkhoff Pro Connect Electric Bike on eBay (end time 21-Sep-10 21:26:03 BST) ;) ----- The one and only bidder for this auction must be happy :) Kalkhoff Aguttu electric bicycle on eBay (end time 13-Sep-10 19:22:51 BST)
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    e-Bike batteries using Panasonic 18650 cells ... any good ?

    9Ah or 11Ah, 2.3kg ... any thoughts on using 18650 cylindrical cells ?
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    Brand new red ICE recumbent trike + BionX PL350, anyone from here ?

    I visited my local bike shop this week-end and talked to the "mechanic" who was building custom mounts for the BionX battery, to go on a ICE Sprint recumbent trike. The PL350 motor was a pretty heavy beast (to my surprise), and its size relative to the 20" wheel means the spokes are tiny ! The...
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    Vote for Cycle-Streets !! (Future Friendly award)

    Cycle Streets does really good bike routing: CycleStreets: UK-wide Cycle Journey Planner and Photomap Future Friendly award, you can vote from there: Future Friendly Video presentation (full browser window, in case the video from the webpage above doesn't work)...
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    My e-Brompton: Tongxin/Nano pulling steady at 360W+

    Up to now, my DIY e-Brompton was equipped with the Suzhou Bafang motor (newer "8-Fun" SWXK unit), and my DIY e-Merc (Brompton copy) was equipped with the little Tongxin / Nano (albeit for experimental purposes only). Both e-bikes are front wheel drive 36V machines, designed so that parts can be...
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    Merino wool bargain

    I won't cross-post so instead here is a direct link to my other post (please reply there if you have comments about cold-weather cycling gear): I just thought it was worth...
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    Our hilly e-holidays (e-Brompton and iZip Via Mezza Enlightened)

    For the first time, my wife and I are relying on our e-bikes for most of our local transport needs during our holidays. We are in a hilly coastal area, and so far the only trouble we've had is a punctured rear tyre on the iZip (I promptly replaced the generic / crappy chinese tube and tyre with...
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    Lightweight motor + batteries in a pedal !?

    Impossible-Looking Pedals Push Your Bike Up Hills | Gadget Lab | (Brompton owners will recognize the folding pedal)
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    Finally assembled my Tongxin Brompton !

    Hello, I finally got around to finish my 36V Tongxin-powered e-Brompton DIY jobby (to be precise, it's a Merc, a cheap alloy copy of the real 1990's Brompton). My Bafang-powered e-Brompton (the real one, 2006 model) remains my main and favorite machine. I like the raw power and efficiency of...
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    Is that really a Wisper Works 905e ?

    I don't recognize the frame: Wisper 905e Electric Bike on eBay (end time 16-May-10 18:11:44 BST)
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    Patent, Freedom E-Bike (Brompton + Tongxin + A123)

    A while ago, some of us on this forum spotted an article with a mention of Andrew Hamilton applying for a patent in relation to his Freedom E-Bike kit: Freedom E-Bikes - Home Easy rider « Insight on Israel Some may argue that the product is similar to some well-known prior art, i.e. the...
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    Hill climb video: human power vs e-assisted

    That's what it's all about :D YouTube - Wisper Electric Bike unbeatable!!! YouTube - E-Bike Elektrofahrrad Vitali VS. Rennrad YouTube - Vitali Elektroklapprad - Bergfahrt
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    leaning tadpole trike

    Leaning / tilting tadpole trike Leaning in the corners has its advantages, and this Dutch product looks pretty good I think. The frame / chassis seems a little on the heavy side though (nearly 60Kg apparently), which makes electrical assistance all the more attractive. :D (48V, 16Ah battery)...
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    Anonymous poll: what is your age ?

    Anonymous poll: how old are you ? Although the e-biking demographics traditionally gravitate around the upper end of the age spectrum, I suspect I'm not the only "young" owner here (early thirties). So, let's roll a new poll to get updated figures ! :D - EDIT - I should explain why I used...
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    For all of you, lovers of the Shimano Alfine hub gears

    It has been mentioned several times on here that a lightweight hybrid bike with "maintenance-free" rear hub gear + front Tongxin hub motor and small battery pack is indeed a very desirable setup for fast commuting. The Shimano Alfine 9 gears is known for its good range and smooth action. Well...
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    50-Cycles on eBay

    I suggest you display only one photo, the one that actually corresponds to the bike that is for sale ;) Kalkhoff Tasman Electric Bike. Best Comfort bike ever on eBay (end time 03-Mar-10 22:35:12 GMT)