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    Drive Through Gears on E-bikes

    Hi Flecc, Are you going to Tour De Presteigne? If so you’re more than welcome to test ride one then :D
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    E-bikes at the Gadget Show

    Hi Mark, Looks like it was worth going to the Gadget show, great pictures.
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    Any Recommendations for Commuter Bike?

    We to are currently looking for a retailer in Scotland to resell our bikes! I am sure there are some out there but just trying to find the right ones. It may be worth spending a weekend at the tour de Presteigne in Wales were you will be able to test ride lots of different bikes. The show /...
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    Drive Through Gears on E-bikes

    Hi Flecc, Once again very useful information
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    Any Recommendations for Commuter Bike?

    Hi Enceladus, Wisper are a very good reliable bikes and have an impressive range to, Have you thought about a crank drive system on the bike instead of a hub motor? There are many different variations of electric bikes available to buy, such as different watt hub motors and 2 fairly similar...
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    Wisper or Gepida

    it is a 213Wh :D
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    Wisper or Gepida

    Well done flecc, 14000 posts very impressive
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    Wisper or Gepida

    Hi Stumpi, here is a review from one of customers, that posted on this site, Hi Everyone, I just thought I would update you all and tell you all about my experience which I had with E Bikes Direct. I went along to see them the other day to have a look at their range of electric bikes...
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    LOL how quick was that bike:eek:
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    Wisper or Gepida

    Hi Stumpi, I will send you a PM shortly.
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    Electric Bike magazine

    I agree with you Stralight & flecc, a lot is happening for BEBA at the moment, and people need to be a little patient, an organisation doesn’t come together over night, it is very much a long term project for everybody’s benefit
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    Electric Bike for hills?

    HI Martinm, The best bikes available for their hill climbing ability are crank drive systems, we use the Yamaha motor and battery on our Gepida bikes they can cope with hill climbs of a 1 in 3 which is a 33% incline. I know you can get some very good hub motors that are equally as good but may...
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    Could this be the way to go?

    Very interesting? 3000 cycles, is it too good to be true?:rolleyes:
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    New Gepida bikes now in stock,

    Hi Flecc I to really hate marmite, but love the new Nedao & MTB i will have a look for a bigger image, what is the best way to post a larger picture?
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    New Gepida bikes now in stock,

    When you see the beech cruiser in the flesh it is really funky, and has some cool pin stripping on it to:D
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    New Gepida bikes now in stock,

    Hi to all, We now have our new range of Gepida bikes in stock. The very long awaited Gepida Sirmium MTB, Reptila 900 Ladies and Gents now with a 26” wheel and the Nedao Beech Cruiser. Please see pictures below. Dont forget about the Reptila 1000 28" wheel, which is also still available.
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    Ultra Motor- Whats your take?

    Hi Mark, Good to see you on hear,
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    Where Do You Live V2.0

    I am in Tunbridge wells and have a Gepida MTB
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    A run around Dumfries and Galloway

    What a great scenery! I would love to go for a bike ride up there:rolleyes: