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    E-Bike Rolling Road !!

    I saw this on my YouTube feed and thought it may be of interest..... and a bit of fun once testing starts. Ray, who made the rolling road, is a bit of a tinkerer and has done a few conversions before.
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    Chain Durability 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 speed

    I'm still fairly new to ebiking so please forgive me if this has been covered before, a quick search didn't reveal much. There have been several posts saying that chain drives with a lower number of speeds are more robust as the chain is wider and will last longer. However, a bit of Googling...
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    Programming Lead Com Port Problem

    I'm fairly new to ebikes so please bare with me. I converted a Voodoo full sus mtb a while ago with 250w BBs01 kit and it has been great, but I would like to change some of the parameters re cadence etc so bought a lead from ebay. However, the laptop will not see a com port in the software...
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    Voodoo Full Suspension conversion

    Hi everyone from West Wales, UK. Having found this site a while ago I built a full suspension emtb with a BBS01 250w motor after seeing inspiration on here. Wales is rarely flat but we have lots of bridleways and single track lanes nearby so the bike is used both on and off road, it has been a...