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    Do pedal reflectors actually work?

    Most of the time the rearward part anyway is masked by the shoe heel.
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    No Shunt

    Why hasn't my ebike controller got a shunt?
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    Easy rider

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    Stem extender

    I have tried to fit a stem extender but found that no matter how hard I tried to tighten the two screws on the side, the extender did not close up sufficiently enough to grip the top of the stem. On examination, it is 28.6mm just as my stem is, but the construction is so rigid that it will not...
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    Puncture repair kits

    I went to repair a puncture, and as usual the glue which had been used before was a solid lump. This means that in practice, there is little need for more than a few patches in a kit unless it comes with an equal number of tubes of glue. I see that glue less (pre-glued) patches are available...
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    Oily chains

    Reading the Gtech adverts, I was struck by two phrases, a 'No confusing gears' b. 'No more oily chains' They boast about these features supplied on their bikes. Of course this might be to 'cover up' the fact that their bike is poorly specced., and they try to suggest that the paring away of...
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    Just how long should a spoke be.

    Just how long should a spoke be? What I mean is should the spoke need to be bent to fit it into the ferrule, or should it be just long enough to reach the wheel rim?
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    Freezing lithium battery

    Having just had a battery re balanced, I was advised not to leave the battery in the garage in the cold. However, e-cars are left out in all weathers, so what is the answer. Can a lithium battery stand freezing?
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    What are???

    This site keeps telling me that Pedelecs wants to install push notifications
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    Battery unbalanced

    Three times in the past 20 months my Tonaro battery has gone out of balance necessitating sending it off for attention. I doubt that it is anything to do with the way I use it because I have another battery, a 2011 phyllion one that is still working well although reduced in mileage. Further, I...
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    Short front mudguards

    I was looking at the latest edition of Cycling (CTC magazine) and noticed so many of the bikes in it had front mudguards that ended way above the riders shoes. This seems to be the latest fad, even the Francis Barnett ebike, a traditional style cycle has a short front mudguard. Yet a quick look...
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    Pneumatic brakes

    the After the discussion on merits of cable/hydraulic and also rim and disc brakes, thought you all might like to see this
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    London cycling

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    Are handlebar gear changers back to front

    At present I am suffering from an aching thumb joint thanks to my Shimano 'thumb' gear changer. It seems to me that from an ergonomic point of view, the system where you have to push the lever away from you against the spring is all wrong. The reason is that except for your hand gripping the...
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    Steering Damper

    I have seen this on a couple of bikes,just a spring from the fork to the sloping tube. Has anyone ever used one and if so, what did you think of it?
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    Sqeaking brakes

    I am getting fed up with adjusting my Avid BB7 disc brakes. I set them just right, but within a few miles they are squeaking. Seriously thinking of fitting rim brakes.
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    Quick release coming undone on its own

    Never heard of this before, but twice in the last 4 weeks I have found my front wheel loose. I tightened up the nut and lever both times and am now keeping a watch on it. I am certain that the bike has not been tampered with, the rear wheel and saddle clamp are as firm as ever. Any ideas anyone?
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    Don't look now but it's helmets yet again

    Very informative video
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    Re: 2 Speed Xiongda hubmotor

    Strange that we have not heard any more about this motor. I got very excited years ago when d8veh reported on one that he bought and anticipated that our ebike shops would soon be offering it. But......silence.
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    Naughty.......but useful!