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    I wear a hi viz waistcoat over whatever else I have on. They are really cheap and lightweight and the pockets are handy.
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    New to electric bikes

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    I want to buy my first eBike but I am overwhelmed by so many choices. I don't know where to pay attention.

    Must it fold and is that an absolute price ceiling? I'm not sure but from reading the forum for a year or so, my impression is that it might be a bit of a stretch. Better minds here might have more optimistic opinions.
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    On-Guard Brute 8001 Bike Lock - thoughts?

    Good value locks. There are five duplicate keys and one has a little torch on it. I have a large Sold secure gold rated Pitbull model with cable and I double up with a gold rated Kryptonite lock.
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    iPhone XR Power Drain

    I use komoot and sometimes plug my phone into my Bosch Intuvia unit. Never had any problems.
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    Stolen Raleigh Forge

    Sorry to hear that Johnocyprus. Thanks for the reminder to be double d-lock cautious. I've been a bit overly relaxed.
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    A US pint, (water), weighs about a pound and a UK pint weighs about a pound and a quarter.
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    Hellooo from Bonnie Scotland!

    Ha Do you have an old washing machine, 16 bedsprings, 4 car batteries, a shopping trolley and a tub of grease? That and a 'can do' attitude are all you need. We'll be happy to help. Best of luck!
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    Diminishing pride

    Hi from Redland. Happy pedalling!
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    Why has the Nexus 8 speed hub gear not caught on?

    I have a hybrid bike with a Bosch Performance line motor and Shimano Alfine 8 hub gears. I ride up steep hills in Bristol on most days. I find it very simple , virtually an unconscious act, to momentarily ease off on the pedals and change gear when going up hills. I dare say that mountain...
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    Lost in a sea of options - looking for good bike for hills

    I'm not very fit and Bristol is a hilly city too. I have a Gepida Alboin 1000 Alfine 8 with a Bosch Performance line motor. It has a sturdy rack and I often have hefty panniers. With use of low gears and an occasional burst of high assist, I never have to struggle. I take things at a gentle...
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    At long last, a quality mirror!

    I've got the Mirrycle. Nice mirror. People have discussed their Zefal and Mirrycle choices before.
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    2017 KTM Fogo 271 Long term review

    Thanks for the nicely written review. Super photos!
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    Donald J Trump

    It shows a news organisation acting on a very understandable hunch in light of the unfolding events and court filings in the Mueller investigation.
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    Did I buy the right size bike?

    That size sounds good to me given your size. You will probably get used to it.
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    battery life seems fairly poor for me about 4000 miles

    I have a Bosch Performance Line motor, Bosch Powerpack 500wh equipped hybrid bike. The shop I bought it from did a diagnostic check of the battery the other day. It seems that I have done 279 miles on 5.6 charge cycles. When the motor has been assisting, I have been mostly (and about equally) in...
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    New e-bike owner

    Yellow Jersey insurance were recommended to me and charged me £145ish, (there was some sort of £10 discount code), based on £2500 price of bike. They include some DNA bike marking stuff. That seemed a reasonable enough deal. You must be quite excited. Have fun with the new bike.
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    Commute and some off road?

    I often find myself tootling along at a little over the 15.5 mph cut-off speed, 16 to 19ish on the flat and don't notice the lack of assist untill I glance at the Speedo. I don't mind being quite slow. (Bosch performance line motor on a Gepida Alboin). My legs will get stronger in time. It is a...
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    Finally gone and done it But!!!

    I used the first link you posted.