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  1. Fordulike

    Problem with my Bafang HD

    I use a pair of long needle nose pliers with small tips, which fits nicely into the slots of the locking nuts. When you fit them again, make sure you tighten just enough to take the play out of the spindle/axle and preferably use a light to medium strength threadlocker fluid. If you tighten too...
  2. Fordulike

    Wow just Wow

    You can be the one to tell Geoff Capes he's riding an illegal bike :rolleyes:
  3. Fordulike

    Wow just Wow

    Looks like he's gone full Bill Oddie :D
  4. Fordulike

    Wow just Wow

    32.7 kg :oops:
  5. Fordulike

    Bafang HD clutch
  6. Fordulike

    Bafang mid mount motor

    What a disjointed first post, but anyway, welcome to the forum.
  7. Fordulike

    BBS02 battery from EM3EV

    I'll let Nealh answer the technical questions, but just make sure you buy a battery voltage that matches the BBS02 from PSW Power. Otherwise, you may get an overvoltage error if using a 52v battery with a BBS02 48v firmware controller. Likewise, if using a 48v battery with a BBS02 52v firmware...
  8. Fordulike

    BBS02 battery from EM3EV

    Don't know how mine compares to factory settings, but I run PAS 1 at 40% current and 40% speed.
  9. Fordulike

    BBS02 battery from EM3EV

    Range is about 15 miles until I notice a drop in performance, but bear in mind that I have programmed the controller to draw more amps in most situations. I reckon that on PAS 1, my lowest performing mode, I could get 40+ miles. I haven't done any definitive testing, but I would guess that...
  10. Fordulike

    BBS01b progamming questions

    These settings are for a BBS02, but should get you back in the ballpark.
  11. Fordulike

    BBS02 battery from EM3EV

    48V (13S5P-HG2) EM3ev Jumbo Shark 14.8Ah £409, that's the exact same battery I'm running with a BBS02. The cells are top notch, on par with my previous 30Q pack, although that one was only 12Ah, so slightly less suited for my set up. I've maxed out my BBS02 using a programming cable, which...
  12. Fordulike

    Weird solar electric car, real or fake?

    Was browsing eBay this morning, looking at Nissan Leafs and Renault Zoes, when I came across this odd little car. Electric car with solar roof The description is incredibly vague and the info seems a bit iffy, but it looks like what to be a Peugeot 107. The engine bay picture is interesting...
  13. Fordulike

    Wanted Mercedes Hybrid Bike owner handbook
  14. Fordulike

    By seized by police!

    Wonder how many forum members were checking and double checking the legality of their bike :D
  15. Fordulike

    Hello from Bimingham!

    Hi Abdul, welcome to the forum.
  16. Fordulike

    How effective is "slime" at preventing punctures?

    A Slime prefilled inner tube saved me once from a long walk home, when a nail stuck in the tyre. It had actually gone through a Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre too and I stupidly pulled it out, thinking it hadn't gone through the protective layer of the tyre. Luckily, a few spins of the tyre and the...
  17. Fordulike

    Do bike thief scum steal displays?

    Unlikely, it's the whole bike they're after. Luckily, yours is a pain to remove and isn't just a clip in display.
  18. Fordulike

    Some of you guys/girls do know about specs on e-bikes > what u reckon on these specs on this bike ..

    Shimano Nexus 8 and Gates belt is good, rest of bike pretty average. Overpriced for what it is. Would expect higher capacity battery at 2 grand.
  19. Fordulike

    Hailong downtube battery mount. Frame mounting a battery

    I'm running Tektro HDC-300 hydraulic brakes on my bike and they look similar to the HD-M285. It was easy to fit the cut-off sensor and magnet, and once I had ensured that they were working perfectly, I added a small amount of glue to the magnet and sensor, to semi-permanently fix them in place.
  20. Fordulike

    Charging phone from 5v wiring

    I did find another type, which should allow you to use your own phone cable. DC Step Down Buck Converter 12V 24V 36V 48V (11-60V) to 5V 3A Dual USB Double