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  1. egroover

    Help! Woosh bike battery, need help with mounting frog battery, somewhere somehow, safely

    Did you get a happy ending Riley? , where did you end up fitting the replacement battery?
  2. egroover

    BBS01b progamming questions

    these were my factory settings on my bbs01
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    Help! Woosh bike battery, need help with mounting frog battery, somewhere somehow, safely

    with the saddle so low those seatpost racks are gonna be very close if not touching the back wheel That bike is not very well suited to putting that frog battery anywhere, surprised it was recommended
  4. egroover

    This bike anyone know this ebike and company ? Bargain
  5. egroover

    Help! The Pedelec Law has got me thinking .

    Surely you can't ride it with that seat angle. If so, you should be busted for crimes against gonads
  6. egroover

    Avarax-E - The Self-Cleaning E-bike as low as $500! = Less than 500 UK Pounds!

    I think I managed to avoid the pop up for about 3 secs, enough time to realise the whole thing is a scam and anyone foolish to order will see their hard earned amount to nothing
  7. egroover

    Avarax-E - The Self-Cleaning E-bike as low as $500! = Less than 500 UK Pounds!

    Wouldn't trust this lot, looks dodgy. They've even recruited Halfords staff to assembly the bikes
  8. egroover

    New installation of frame mount battery for off road

    Get some heavy duty velcro straps like the one's I use on my alloy framed boardman and muddyfox mtb use mine off road no issues. you need the 50mm x 600mm size, 5 for 9.99...
  9. egroover

    My first bike accident in 33 years!

    Sorry to hear of your off Pentium, hope you recover soon. Once you are up to it, take your BBS01 and battery off and stick it on a bike with 29"/700c wheels instead, your wheels will then roll over those big sticky out things instead of you
  10. egroover

    Comfort V Weight penalty

    switching from marathon greenguard to marathon supreme's will save nearly half a kilo
  11. egroover

    What is this? wisper wayfarer h9 hub 2021 crossbar city

    looks like a throttle, what happens when you push it downwards?
  12. egroover

    Building an off-road all-terrain wheelchair

    Delivered from Italy might be quicker, these are a good price
  13. egroover

    Torque 705 collected for repair by Wisper April 2020. Where is it

    So Wisper have had your bike since April last year and are not responding to you? Have you tried calling them using the number from their website 01732 762 393? Wisper have a good reputation with folks on this forum as far as I know, so am surprised they are ignoring you
  14. egroover

    BBS02b Failure

    Sounds promising, sending back just the controller or the whole motor? Hope the supplier comes good. Please name check them here if you end up getting good service so others can consider them for future purchases
  15. egroover

    BBS02b Failure

    Should be covered by warranty, only 8 mths old? Let us know how you get on with the warranty return
  16. egroover

    BBS02b Failure

    Although not ideal failing after only 800 miles, the price of a new controller at 75 quid is not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things. Imagine having the similar issue with an out of warranty bosch motor for example, and facing the possibility of having to buy a whole replacement motor...
  17. egroover


    The biggest thing you can do is ride is with the assumption that every car driver has the potential to not see you. Make eye contact with the driver, for example at junctions, if you can. Second guess their moves in where they are looking, if they are looking in the opposite direction, get ready...
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    eMTB owners photo and ride thread.

    Greetings from South Dorset. Really muddy 2nd shakedown of my newly bafang mid drive conversion 26" MTB yesterday. Mixture of frozen icy mud and pools, and really thick gloopey mud. Got so thick at times, the chain was slipping in the higher gears there was that much mud on the drive train...
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    Folding ebike - ideally sub £1k

    worth a read even just for the banter
  20. egroover

    Best display for Bafang motors?

    Another vote for the 500c from me