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  1. Kinninvie

    Eggrider dusplay

    I have one and they are excellent especially as you can have 2 sets of settings ie one for offroad and one for onroad and its possible to lock the display so the offroad settings cannot be accessed without the phone app. I use my phone as the main display as my eyesight cant see the tiny reading...
  2. Kinninvie

    BBSHD. 48 or 52 volt battery?

    52 volts will have more Wh than a 48v and a slight increase in top speed too. I run both with 2 sets of 52v batteries in a crossbar bag and a 48v in a rear rack bag. Each set is plugged in seperately so when one set gets low I unplug and put the next set in. It gets me 100 miles plus rides with...
  3. Kinninvie

    What's the best bafang for my buck?

    Just because the BBSHD has 1000 watts doesn't mean you have to use them all. I use an Eggrider display and can set the maximum wattage to any value I want. Its currently set to 250 watts in road mode and 1560 watts in offroad mode. Not legal but then neither is the BBS02. Eggrider manual is here.
  4. Kinninvie

    Chain lube

    I use Muc Off C3 dry lube. It comes with an ultra violet keyring torch which you shine on the chain so you can see if you have missed any!
  5. Kinninvie

    Britain's First 'Dutch-Style' Roundabout Closed 10 Days After Opening When Car Ploughed Into Beacon

    Therre is not a single cycle lane anywhere in Barnard Castle !
  6. Kinninvie

    Help! Advice with converting new Giant Talon 3

    Check your state ebike regulations first as some states allow motors up to 750 watts and some up to 1Kw.
  7. Kinninvie

    48v to 52v battery on BBS02 worth it?

    I once tried a BBS02 0n 14S Lipo and it got so hot I could smell the motor and that was on a slight incline so now I wont go over 12S to be safe.
  8. Kinninvie

    Voodoo Bizango 2019 with BBSHD?

    The BBSHD is designed to fit both 68 and 73mm WITHOUT the need for spacers.
  9. Kinninvie

    Good deal from Halfords.

    Decided to take advantage of Halfords 20% trade in deal last week for a new MTB to put a BBS02 on and glad I did. Went for a Carrera Vulcan priced at £350 and traded in a 20 year old Bell helmet that my son used when he was at school which brought the price down to £280. The pdi found a tiny...
  10. Kinninvie

    confusion over bafang lcd displays

    My BBSHD and one of my BBS02Bs have the third display and show amps. One was caled 850C in the description while the other was caled the DCP14. !!
  11. Kinninvie

    Keilder Forest demo day.

    Electric Bike Demo Weekend at Kielder Cycle Centre. On March 30th and 31st, we will have the latest Ebikes from Raleigh, Haibike and Lapierre available to try. Group rides will be running from 10am till 4pm each day. For more information or to book a particular bike call us on 01434 250457...
  12. Kinninvie

    Ridiculous battery prices

    This is why I like my Lipos, bought 710Wh of 12S for £180 . Of course these are not recommended for newbies as they can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. Luckily I have a stone barn well away from the house to keep them in.
  13. Kinninvie

    What kind of bike can do over 100 miles?

    Mine...Marin Muirwoods hybrid with 32Ah of 52V batteries and a BBSHD
  14. Kinninvie

    Expected lifetime of a BBS02

    I guess as you filled it with grease initially you didnt reseal the motor properly. One of my BBS02s has over 8000 miles on it and goes through a ford where the water comes over the top of the motor at least once a month over the last 3 years and still runs perfectly. The second one (on a...
  15. Kinninvie

    Problems Indexing on a 1x9

    Anyone know where I can buy one of those Park Tools rock from? ;)
  16. Kinninvie

    Alternative Batteries for ebike self build projects

    As you have and understand lipo thats you easiest upgrade . I have various Multistars allowing me to use 10 , 12 and 14S at up to 64Ah. Charging is taken care of using several Meanwell power supplies. Some are set to 3.8V (storage level) and are used after a ride while others are set at 4.1V so...
  17. Kinninvie

    Wanted, Multistar 16Ah battery . 6S or 4S.

    Multistar 16Ah battery wanted. Either a 6S or a 4S. I am in north east England .