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  1. egroover

    Yosepower Flash Sale - eg 48v 12.5ah battery £135

    Just noticed this, a number of reductions acorss their website, the satndout deal 11.11 flash sale on a 48v Hailong battery, none in stock but presumably they will have some tomorrow ?
  2. egroover

    EBike Café Weymouth

    Hi all, Was wandering around Weymouth Quayside with the kids yesterday, and was stopped in my tracks, wow ebike cafe! Haven't got any details but look forward to visiting when open
  3. egroover

    Free See.Sense smart light set worth £79.99 with British Cycling membership

    Just renewed my lapsed membership on the phone and got the deal, new members can do it online, also 10% off for direct debit, commuter membership from about £35. This also includes liability insurance, which would be handy if involved in an accident and it's your fault. Legal cover, and 10%...
  4. egroover

    Gear sensor - about to give up on it..

    Hi all, Bought a gear sensor about a year ago, never bothered to fit it until last weekend, as I was getting increasingly worried about not running one on my Bafang BBS01 and the crunching and clanking on the cassette/chain/chainwheel when up shifting, especially on high assist levels (10 speed...
  5. egroover

    SUPERIOR ERX630-T TOURING E-BIKE (Shimano Steps Mid Drive) £1279 del. (with code)

    Saw this, looks reasonably good value from PlanetX online. Use code SIZZLING30 at checkout for this price (code valid until Aug31). Available in 19 & 21.5in sizes
  6. egroover

    Greenbikekit downtube HL battery 36v 35e cells 23.4ah - £239 - any good?

    Hi all, Been looking for a large downtube battery for my BBS01 350w mid drive motor, and came across this Looking to get the 23.4ah 36v which uses the Samsung INR18650-35E(3350mAh) cells Has...
  7. egroover

    BBS01 grease

    Hi all, Just clocked up 1200 miles on my Bafang bbs01 mid drive motor. I've noticed lately that it's making more of a whirling noise than before, so wondering if it's due regreasing the main final drive cogs. Have read mobilgrease 28, aeroshell 22, lithium etc, bit confused with it all, so can...
  8. egroover

    Wanted Wanted : Yosepower 36v, 350w, 26" Rear, Cassette Hub Motor (just motor or complete 26" wheel)

    Hello all My Yosepower motor is making a grinding noise when under load (see ) Has anyone got for sale a cheap working Yosepower 350w rear cassette replacement motor or complete 26" wheel ? Like this Thanks
  9. egroover

    Free 3 month ebike hire for NHS workers
  10. egroover

    Carrera Crossfire-e/Vulcan owners, new replacement battery, charger and mount £240

    Hi all, I've just noticed yosepower are selling the Phylion sf-06 11.6ah battery with charger and mount for about £240 delivered, looks identical to that used on the Crossfire-e and Vulcan models (not the very latest model)...
  11. egroover

    Serious Bear Rock 2019 Bosch Mid Drive Performance Line MTB £1087 delivered Boxing Day Only add code boxingday20 at checkout - code valid just today ! Be quick all sizes in stock Bosch Performance Line motor, 400w battery This is sub £1k delivered, also Bosch drive...
  12. egroover

    Just ordered Bafang BBS01 350w kit, what else do I need?

    Hi all, After 3 years of hub drive ebiking, saw a deal on Ebay yesterday of 10% so ordered from Yosepower the Bafang BBs01 36v 350w mid drive kit for £269 delivered, so gonna try out a mid drive (will keep the hub drive bikes going too). (...
  13. egroover

    Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700x38 - £8.50 or cheaper @ Halfords with code 700 x 38c only at this price add code CYCLING15 to knock off 15% Collect in store with British Cycling membership for another 10% off
  14. egroover

    Aldi folding ebike, on sale now £499

    OK, so it's got a small (6.6ah) battery, but interestingly, rear motor hub instead of front hub as usually found at this price point. Digital LCD, 36v, adjustable height handlebars, 7 speed, alloy frame and best of all 3 yr warranty. Not much not to like at this price Edit SOLD OUT in Black...
  15. egroover

    What's the most efficient speed?

    I was out riding today on my yosepower conversion, cruising at about 18mph and pulling about 200w at the rear wheel. Hit the throttle and it upped it to 20mph but now pulling 400w. It got me thinking, as in a car, the most efficient miles per gallon is at a steady 56mph, what's the most...
  16. egroover

    Raleigh Pioneer ebike half price £650
  17. egroover

    Carrera Vulcan-e - sub £700 after discounts

    Hi all Carrera Vulcan-e now available for under £700 after discounts: Bike is currently £1000 Go through or to Halfords site (3% cashback) Reserve online for store pickup, add code 15carrera at basket (takes it down to £850) Collect in store produce your British...
  18. egroover

    Recommendations for conversion

    Hi all 2 year ebike rider Crossfire-e owner here, pleased with that as a commuter/tourer, but now, after finding my beloved 1999 GT Avalanche at the back of the garage, am looking to convert that for a off road hack, something I can use on bridal paths, coast paths, places where the Crossfire-e...
  19. egroover

    Buy a Gtech eScent e-bike and get a City Sport and spare battery FREE

    Buy a eScent MTB, and add a eBike City with extra battery free, plus save £200 on the eScent bike. Do the following: Go to Gtech site Add eBike eScent to basket Add eBike city to basket - spare battery added automatically Go to checkout input voucher code EBIKET3
  20. egroover

    A2B Obree ebike 14.5ah on offer half price £799