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    8 amp charger for a 34 aH battery?

    C is a factor for expressing the current flow rate for a battery based on its capacity: For a 10Ah battery 1C = 1 x 10 =10A For a 20Ah battery 1C = 1 x 20 = 20A For a 5Ah battery 2C = 2 x 5 =10A For a 35Ah battery 0.2C = 0.2 x 34 = 6.8A.
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    Help! Handlebar throttle partial power only

    You need to be more specific about what low speed means.
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    8 amp charger for a 34 aH battery?

    As a general guideline, you should charge at 0.2c, which would be 7A, so 8A should be fine. If you don't discharge it too far, 5A would be OK too, but would take 7 hours to charge from empty.
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    Help! Woosh bike battery, need help with mounting frog battery, somewhere somehow, safely

    Cantilever racks, like the one you suggested are fine at first, but being aluminium and with the weight of the battery flexing them up and down as you go over bumps, they suffer from metal fatigue, which causes cracks then sudden unexpected failure, probably when you're in the middle of nowhere...
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    Crystalyte hub kit on tandem

    Test the PAS while connected and switched on.
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    To build or buy? Trying to make a shopping list

    It doesn't make sense to buy a new bike to convert to electric. There are plenty of used ones on Ebay, Gumtree, Scpock, Facebook, etc, which would be substantially cheaper and you won't worry so much when you have to drill or file the frame.
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    Crystalyte hub kit on tandem

    Rather than replacing random parts, it would be better to do some tests and measurements to find out what's wrong. If there's no clicking, humming or movement of the motor of any sort do the tests below 1 to 5, otherwise check that the motor connector is all the way in, there's no damage to the...
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    Wow just Wow

    Even if you could get one, who's going to fix it when it goes wrong? You'd have to ship it back to Holland, which would be very difficult and expensive. Unless you can fix an electric bike yourself, you have to buy one from a local shop or a mail order company with a proven return service.
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    Upgrading an existing ebike

    Dale was my last contact there. he moved to ireland with his wife. I think she was a teacher and had family there. I've spoken with him a couple of times since, and he seems to be happy there.
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    Yosepower hub kits.

    If your hall sensors aren't switching, you can only use a snsorless or dual mode controller.
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    just joined

    There's just one thing wrong with those bikes: When somebody asks you which bike you have, how are you going to pronounce it without them thinking that you're spazzing out? When you start to ride it and get that fixed ebike grin, that's sort of going to confirm to them what they were thinking.
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    Charging several batteries together

    No, that's not advisable. effectively, you'll be charging three of them through the discharge terminals, which bi-passes the charge safety controls. You need multiple chargers like this:
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    3kw ebike washer help

    To save wasting more time, show us some photos.
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    Upgrading an existing ebike

    Some history for you. The original Oxydrive kit was completely different and independent from the Oxygen bikes until they made the E-mate MTB in 2014, which used Das Kit electrics. The Oxydrive kit was then changed to Das Kit, so was identical. Oxygen stayed with Das Kit for a couple of years...
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    Looking for a NCM Moscow plus 29”

    Let us know how you get on.
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    Crystalyte hub kit on tandem

    Make sure there's room for it regarding the shifters and brake.
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    Which conversion kit?

    OK, you win. All electric bikeds are illegal. What should we do now? Should the forum close because of incitement to comit offences or should we all put on ninja suits to hide our identity and ride like hell every time we see a policeman, like that scooter rider did?
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    Rear derailleur adjustment?

    You don't need to replace the cable if it's working. It's a fallacy that cables stretch. That's what bike shops tell you when they want to make extra money out of their customers. You repla e cables when they're visibly damaged or rusty.
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    3kw ebike washer help

    What you're saying doesn't make sense. The rim can't rub on the drop-outs because it's held away by the spokes. If you have a 26" wheel, the nearest the rim can come to the drop-outs is 13" away. You need to show us what's rubbing and what arrangement you have on your axle.
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    Which conversion kit?

    I have seen many cars travelling faster than 112.9 mph. None of them killed anyone. What you're saying is similar to if an asteroid hit our planet it might wipe out all human life, so let's slow down population growth with a vaccine to save lives.