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    The Battery I was always Hoping for.

    Here it is 100Ah, which should give me a range of 300 miles. The best thing about it apart from being suitable for a 1000w bike is that it only weighs 1.2Kg. Not bad for less tha £60...
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    New one on me

    I went for a ride today. Unfortunately, i had to go past a local spot where people congregate to go for a walk up a hill. It's a country lane. There is a car park on it,but I guess either it iver-flowed or people didn't want the hassle of getting in and out. The end result was that there was a...
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    For Sale Clear out - all sorts of stuff

    vfr400 submitted a new listing: Clear out - all sorts of stuff - Clear out - all sorts of stuff Learn more about this listing...
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    Interesting Electric bike (not legal)

    I follow this guy on Youtube. He did some interesting things with a cheap electric motorbike, which he got scammed on, then he ordered a $30,000 electric sports car from China and got something closer to a golf buggy. This is his latest. This bike can be restricted to 15mph, but they say it's a...
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    Police Checking in London

    Somebody contacted me from Londo and told me this. He was using a cargo trike in London to do deliveries. He bought it from a reputable company, and it was plated as 250w, running 48v (I think) at 15amps. It had a 6km/hr throttle fitted. Top speed slightly under 15 mph because of the low motor...
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    Fun for kids

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    Suntour/Carrera Torque Sensor Problem

    Someone asked me to fix their Carrera Vengeance with Suntour HESC system showing E22 torque sensor mechanical problem. I took off the crank and cleaned the slots in the torque sensor and put it all back together. The sensor slots looked quite clean, so I'm not sure that's what's caused the...
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    Little Girl Saved from Terror by Cyclist

    A cyclist was riding through the alleys when she came across an adult male with a little girl, which looked extremely suspicious. Luckily, she had the bravery and gumption to ask what the guy was up to, but he made some excuse and led the little girl away. The Woman/girl on the bike didn't give...
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    Spin Cycles

    Some guys have been using washing machine spin motors to power their electric bikes. If you type into Google "washing machine bike", you'll find one. here's a couple of very professional ones for starters. The one at the beginning has a single-sided frame with the gear cable going through the...
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    Bicycle Repair - Plastic Parts

    I bought some UV glue to repair the bracket on my nephew's LCD, but he didn't keep the part that broke off, so I had to replace the bracket. I've therefore had the UV glue sitting around waiting for something to repair. Last night I broke my glasses. the hinge snapped in two so the arm fell...
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    Battery Welder

    A friend of mine bought a used electric bike as a project that had a 24v battery that was knackered. The battery was an unusual shape and it had pouch cells in it. He re-celled it using modern 18650s and is happy with the results. he used this welder that comes as a self-assembly kit to weld...
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    A little puzzle for you to solve

    I've been meaning to have a play with one of these things for years. Finally, some arrived in the post today. I wonder what you can do with them?
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    Bike repair scheme on the radio

    Today on Radio 4 You and Yours at 12:30 to 12:45 was a programme about the government's bike repair scheme. Being the BBC, there's a definite anti-government slant, so take what they say with a pinch of salt. Normally, the people they get to take part are chosen left wing activists, like me, not...
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    Dodgy 52v Hailong case batteries

    This very interesting article was linkesd on Endless-Sphere. Basically. The Hailong case was only designed for 48v (65 cells). To get 70 vells in for 52v, the assemblers throw away the cell holding/spacing arrangement and bodge the cells in, which brings safety and reliability issues. If you...
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    LCD3 - I'm still learning

    I've been using LCD3s for more than 5 years, and I discovered something new today that I never noticed before. Above the PAS level indicator is the word "assist", which stays lit nearly all the time. Under some circumstances, it goes off, which I just saw out of the corner of my eye today for...
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    Guinea Pig Needed
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    Throttle is a life saver

    In case you didn't know, I've had a bit of bad luck with my health recently. For whatever reasons, my lungs are full of blood clots that prevent me getting enough oxygen in my blood to the extent that walking out to my garden had me gasping for breath. I had to spend a few days in hospital a...
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    Oxygen S-Cross Derestriction

    To answer the recent spate of enquiries on this matter. Through my contacts at Oxygen, I have the following info: They have changed the harness and the display to eliminate the throttle and prevent derestriction. That means that to fit a throttle and/or derestrict, the easiest solution would be...
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    I wan't one of these- electrified of course

    Can anybody figure out the price? The site is probably a scam site. it popped up on Youtube.