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    Thinking of selling my bike.....

    Can you not just look at replacing the tyres and maybe the stem and handlebars for something a little more comfortable? I'm looking at some Marathon Pluses for when I need new tyres.
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    Gocycle Internals

    How do you oil the chain?
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    2 GTech ebikes and 2 triple bypasses.

    I believe the average total mileage of a normal bicycle is around 40 miles in its life time...
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    Haibike Hardseven For Sale

    What did it go for in the end on ebay?
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    E-Bike Club on Strava KOM

    ebike ride option seems to be showing now on the end of ride screen on the Android client. Anyone else confirm the same?
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    A new Yamaha User

    Hello Thought I should sign up as I've just got a new Haibike Sduro Hardseven in the sales! Already done 100 miles so far... Lots of fun already. I think in 10 years time there are going to be a lot more of these bikes out there...