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  1. Gaz

    Strange wheel speed problem

    After four years of pretty much fault-free riding, I've got my first real problem. 2016 Whyte Coniston, Shimano E6010 drive train. I get W011 intermittently, lasts a couple of seconds and goes back to normal. In addition, but not at the same time, my speedo becomes erratic, saying I'm doing...
  2. Gaz

    Collection & delivery options during lockdown

    I'm very interested in an e-bike, but it's collection only and up in Cheshire, which isn't a necessary journey for me from down on the South Coast. Can anyone suggest/recommend a courier service that'll basically do it all for me. It's important to me that the bike arrives in the condition I...
  3. Gaz

    Hiadi battery cells

    Hello everyone. I'm currently interested in a Wisper 905SE. It's not a youngster and in 2017 it was re-celled with Hiadi cells (36v x 15.5ah) at a cost of £394. I can't find anything about these cells - can anyone shed any light please. Ta Gaz
  4. Gaz

    W011 woes

    My bike has let me down for the first time in the best part of three years yesterday. W011 (Shimano E6010 - can't detect travel speed) came up out of the blue and won't leave me alone. Six miles without any power was good exercise. Thought it might have been the dongle, but it's still doing...
  5. Gaz

    Changing disc pads (Shimano Deore)

    I am no longer a disc pad changing virgin! :):cool::D Oh my goodness, what a simple, straightforward, easy and pleasant job to do. I took me longer to watch a Youtube vid on how to do it than it did to actually do it. Job's a good 'un. Gaz
  6. Gaz

    It was alright when I last looked at it, honest, Officer....

    Fortunately I had a nearly new Schwalbe MP sitting in the wings. This one lasted around 2700 miles, give or take. Just swapped it, took all of five minutes, and if I can do it with one hand, I really don't know why people struggle so much with fitting MP's. Gaz
  7. Gaz

    RIP Kryptonite Lock

    My not so old faithful Kryptonite cable lock has given up the ghost. The key was a little stiff last night, so I gave it a good spraying and left it soaking overnight in silicon lubricant. Come this morning, pleased with my previous night's efforts, the blooming thing wouldn't lock up at all...
  8. Gaz

    Rear racks

    I'm considering putting a rack over my rear wheel on the Coniston. I already have a pair of panniers. I quite like the idea of one that includes a spring loaded rat trap on top. But there's so many to choose from that I really haven't a clue. Can anyone offer any aftermarket recommendations...
  9. Gaz

    Because I'm worth it......

    Been looking at mudguard extenders on eBay, and remembered someone on here (I think) saying they used old plastic bottles. Well folks, I give you..... the zero cost..... Unilever mudguard extender :cool:: From a shampoo bottle: To a mudguard extender: This is a version 1 prototype. Nipped...
  10. Gaz

    15.5mph to 0mph in about six feet

    In 49 years of being on two wheels, last week was only the fourth significant off that I can remember. On my way to work, cycled on to a grass verge to go around two pedestrian and there was a hole hidden in the grass and that was me gone. Buckled front wheel, forks not sure about, brakes...
  11. Gaz

    Scorcher - how hot is it where you are?

    Just interested in real figures rather than what I can see online. Yesterday was hot, but today's hotter down here in Eastbourne. The coolest part of my house is 78F/25C and it's a damn site warmer outside, nudging 90 in the shade in garden: Gaz
  12. Gaz

    Map my ride

    Just downloaded it and used it for the first time today. I'll be blowed if I can work out how to put up a link on here to show a pretty picture of the route and stats though. It must be obvious. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Ta Gaz
  13. Gaz

    Pedal recommendations

    I've got an annoying click that's rotational and I've traced it (wasn't hard) to my right pedal. Took it off and it seems the ball bearing fairy has been and replaced the bearings with gravel. So given the plethora of pedals, at a first glance on the web, I wondered if anyone had any...
  14. Gaz

    Careless Wisper (or maybe Bittersweet Symphony!)

    So we popped over to Hampshire at the weekend and picked up the Wisper 705SE from Spokesman on here. Got it home and out the car, and had a cup of tea as I needed to unfold from being in the car for the best part of four hours. I gave it an obligatory once over, but really didn't need to as...
  15. Gaz

    Shimano STEPS - full charge... or not

    My E6010 battery has five green lights. When the fifth green light stops flashing and stays on, it's supposedly fully charged. When I put it on the bike it shows 100%. However, I forgot it was on the other day. When I went back to it, the charger light and battery lights were off. All seems...
  16. Gaz

    Badass tuning dongle fouling on spokes

    My Badass dongle arrived yesterday, but when clipped on to the sensor it catches the spokes. Only by about 2mm at the end nearest the seat post. I see there's an adapter plate available, but at £12 plus £7 delivery, I'm thinking of knocking something up myself, and I just wondered if anyone's...
  17. Gaz

    Left hand drive

    So today is my Saturday as I'm on shift Sunday. I've had a nice, chilled day, and got a fair bit done. Not least of which was adapting my bike this afternoon. I have very little use of my right arm, so I cycle single handed. The bike's gone from this: To this: With a little...
  18. Gaz

    Whyte Coniston (2016 model)

    So I've had it a couple of month now, and am 400 miles in, with lights and mudguards added, so I reckon I can do a what's-it-like-to-live-with review. Before I start, a bit about me, because I think a bit of perspective helps. I've been cycling since I was four years old, and have been cycling...
  19. Gaz

    Free front bike light - no battery

    Well that was exciting! After the light's battery topped itself the other week, I thought I'd take the battery pack apart to see what had happened. The scorch mark was quite obvious where the water had caused it to arc. As I took the plastic outer wrap off, I obviously twisted it, causing two...
  20. Gaz

    Are battery covers worth it?

    I went out today for my longest ride so far on my Coniston - 24 miles non stop. I started off with the battery at 60% and by the time I got home it was at 5%. There was a noticeable and sudden drop between 18% and 8%. It was 6C outside and damp/misty. I appreciate temperature will affect the...