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  1. mountaindweller

    E Bike insurance

    As i mentioned . i approached M&S insurance who covered me on my contents insurance for my Riese & Muller for £6500 , they cover e-bikes Cover for pedal cycles at home, with optional cover to help protect your bikes when you’re out and about
  2. mountaindweller

    Daytime flashing front light: good or bad idea?

    I highly recommend the Supernova m99 pro e-45 2021 which has a automotive high beam and ECE approved low beam with day time running lights , not cheap , but super bright light at 1600 lumen
  3. mountaindweller

    E Bike insurance

    One should always try and get their bikes onto their contents insurance, instead of those expensive stand alone policies , a lot of companies will do that but that depends on the value of the bike , i was due to renew my home insurance having been with this company for years , no way would they...
  4. mountaindweller

    For Sale 2019 Riese & Muller Supercharger GX complete with spare new Bosch 500 watt battery !

    mountaindweller submitted a new listing: 2019 Riese & Muller Supercharger GX complete with spare new Bosch 500 watt battery ! - 2019 Riese & Muller Supercharger GX complete with spare new Bosch 500 watt battery ! Learn more about this listing...
  5. mountaindweller

    Britain's First 'Dutch-Style' Roundabout Closed 10 Days After Opening When Car Ploughed Into Beacon

    The difference in example Holland , is the fact that the great majority of car drivers also have bikes !
  6. mountaindweller

    Inner tube

    Had them a few years ago, total waste of time and simply fitted Tannus armour inserts with slightly smaller inner tube with Schwalbe moto x tyres .
  7. mountaindweller

    Electric bikes discredited

    Had this guy who came up to me while i was just sitting off my bike , now he has this flash road bike, and was dressed all in black like batman and started to comment on my bike and how fast it was going , reminding me of the speed limit on e bikes etc and that it was people like me who gave...
  8. mountaindweller

    Opening a shop, which brands are the best??

    From my own experience and preferred E-bike for long distance touring their is nothing on sale in the UK that can touch Riese & Muller for their engineering and future innovation given they have produced excellent award winning bikes with their new Bosch 4 gen motors, the new 625 watt tube...
  9. mountaindweller

    Insurance for electric bike - looking for a recommendation and advice

    i have an R&M Supercharger, not a cheap bike as you can appreciate and asked my Home insurance company M & S if i could put in on my contents insurance , no problem !
  10. mountaindweller

    Puncture repair kits

    I will second that , have them fitted on my R&M supercharger , running Schwalbe super moto x with green guards which have doubled the protection, had a bit of a struggle getting them in . Schwalbe Super Moto-X GreenGuard
  11. mountaindweller

    Rohloff or not to Rohloff.

    Hi, South Gare Lighthouse which was built in 1884 at the end of the breakwater at South Gare north west of Redcar in North Yorkshire and in north eastern England.
  12. mountaindweller

    Rohloff or not to Rohloff.

    Hi ,as a long distance touring cyclist i have used the Rohloff gear hub for a number of years with no problems , last year i purchased a R&M supercharger GX which has Rohloff e-14 and gates carbon drive belt and can honestly say they are well worth the money , and a very impressive gear...
  13. mountaindweller

    Bern helmets

    RE: Helmets, Abus make great e-bike specific design helmets
  14. mountaindweller

    R&M Super charger GX rear pannier rack paint wear issues

    The photos that i put up are just the main wear , the rack is a mess, like the metallic matt finish is to thin and inferior , sure , maybe i should have taped up the contact points, that would be where the stay clips attach , but its the whole bag that is against the rack , so like i tape the...
  15. mountaindweller

    R&M Super charger GX rear pannier rack paint wear issues

    Like i said , i have used Tublus racks for years with no problem, do you own a supercharger ? the paint work is a matt black finish and easily rubbed off , by non metallic parts and even my own dealer has commented on the amount of R&M bikes he has seen that use those pannier racks with worn...
  16. mountaindweller

    R&M Super charger GX rear pannier rack paint wear issues

    Just thought i would post an issue that i have had with my new R&M supercharger GX, purchased from new seven month ago, i completed a tour in Europe and found that the rear pannier rack had suffered significant paint wear, caused by my Ortlieb panniers rubbing on the rear support bars. i have...
  17. mountaindweller

    Can anybody please recommend a strong pannier rack.

    The best in my opinion would be the Tubus !
  18. mountaindweller

    Insurance (under Household contents insurance)

    A bit of a mind field when its comes to expensive bikes, given i thought that i was insured with the AA until they came back with something about speed and cost of bike , in words they declined the thought of a Reise & Muller super charger GX 2019 as to much of a risk , so went and had a look...