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    Help! Derestricting Oxygen S-Cross MTB Mk2?

    Hi I have a bpm 500w/48v/throttle/12 magnet pas disc and, ktlcd8h screen,here are my settings.... P1..100 P2...5 P3..1 P4..0 P5..15 C1..3 C2..0 C3..8 C4..0 C5..10 C6..5 C7..0 C8..1 C9..0 C10..N C11..0 C12..4 C13..0 C14..3 With these settings as guide they may help you.
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    Viking Freedom parts, minus 10 !

    For what purpose do you spray WD40 on the wheels?
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    Controller Light Output - Uses?

    ⁹Thats what I have fitted to my suspension bridge and find very adequate.
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    Vruzend chargers, any good?

    I have a 48v 3amp one and works ok.
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    Motor controller, uk stockist.

    Blimey its here already,Alibaba,must be a record considering whats going on in China at the moment.
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    Motor controller, uk stockist.

    Thanks,but it seems they are sold out on popular items and awaiting the slow boat from China,like I am.
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    Motor controller, uk stockist.

    Anyone know where in the UK I can obtain a 500w 48v 22amp controller,as I need one ASAP please. Already ordered one from china but will be a long wait coming and prefer Julei waterproof plugs.
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    Hailong battery external fuse?

    I have a new 48v 17.5amh hailong battery with Panasonic GA cells.What rating external fuse should be fitted to protect the internal bms. I ask because the bms has evidently given up,according to Jimmy at Insat and will have to go back for investigation. The battery powers a 500w bpm rear hub...
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    I've sorted out now thanks,it was C1 setting,pas sensitivity setting. Thanks for reading/ looking etc.
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    I replaced a perfectly working lcd3 screen with a lcd8s (entered the same numbers etc.) and found the PAS would not work consistently,it would cut in and out randomly,fitted the lcd8h still the same.I went back to the lcd3 works great,but would prefer one of the aforementioned colour screens...
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    STVZO Lights (with lenses)

    That's a ridiculous price to pay for a cycle light.Plenty of Chinese quality lights to be had of good price!
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    Copper Grease

    Don't use silicone grease where metal to metal friction is involved as it can cause galling of the surfaces.
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    Suspension seat post. Suntour NCX 12

    Looks like he needs a firmer spring as its bottoming out.
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    tektro auriga hydraulic Levers

    Yes,I have.Just look on YouTube to see how and where to place the sensor and magnet.
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    Neater/Simpler way to install the pedal sensor?

    I got rid of the small cog,only use the large one,and used jb weld on the disc in its place.
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    When riding on the footpath should I.....

    I find riding on shared paths/cycleways more stressful than driving due to peoples/cyclists ignorance.
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    Wanted: Bosch HMI display for GEN 1 Bosch powered e-bike

    I take it as no then!