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  1. Jimo

    For Sale 20” Batribike Trike for sale

    Hi Guys & Gals, My 20” wheeled Batribike Trike is for sale, it’s batteries are good having been renewed 18 months ago, I bought this bike for my wife who at 86 has not ridden it but has made an elasticated rain cover for its rear basket. Unlike many trikes the 20” wheeled Batribike goes easily...
  2. Jimo

    Why so few hub geared bikes with belts ? Looking at Kalkhoff

    Being no expert but having a Batribike Quartz (with new batteries) but never have been keen on derailure gears I’ve just looked at the Rollfoff hub gear which I like very much, - combine that with a rear wheel belt drive and I’d have the lot! - if it were possible - and to find someone to supply...
  3. Jimo

    Would you pay £30 to save 1kg?

    Woosh, - I wish I was younger than 82 and without so many medical probs.... My bike is a Batribike Quartz that I’ve had for just over a year, re-celled by Jimmy just after I bought it - but I’ve not yet had a chance to ride it - but I want to ASAP.... I particularly like the Rambletta folder as...
  4. Jimo

    I must be doing something wrong ____but what

    Both adaptors currently unavailable from Amazon who don’t know when/if any more available...... Jim
  5. Jimo

    Where Do You Live V2.0

    My present Postcode is NR21 ... before I moved from Blackheath, London I must have passed your door Flecc many times on my journeys to fly at Biggin Hill where I began flying in 1963 - I know the Salt Box intimately! Jim
  6. Jimo


    Maybe our government would prefer Stealth Killing! Jim
  7. Jimo

    Claud butler glide 1

    Confusion ? Yes..... where is Neil H’s reply? Not shown or what... Jim
  8. Jimo

    Ladies first electric bike

    Found on your website in Rambletta bike Manual P.10 (45-65 ) & P.13 - ‘90psi - don’t go beyond 120psi..... Jim
  9. Jimo

    Ladies first electric bike

    This interesting article made me look at Woosh bikes website where I further looked at their Rambletta 20” folder instruction manual (for interest and comparison with my Batribike QUARTZ), being curious about tyre pressures I found on P.10 ‘Tyre pressures between 45 & 65psi recommended, roughly...
  10. Jimo


    I really can’t see any reason for this type of ridicule , we’re not children - or are we? Why not just pack it in and be sensible - or if that’s not possible Quit the Thread - or THE FORUM? Jim
  11. Jimo

    Discussions started about legalising e-scooters, could this mean insurance insurance for e-bikers?

    I wouldn’t ‘Dongle’ anything - that’s your choice. Jim
  12. Jimo

    Discussions started about legalising e-scooters, could this mean insurance insurance for e-bikers?

    Quite apart from my car and bikes - which are properly insured I have two mobility scooters capable of up to 6 mph which are DVLA Registered, have allocated registration numbers but do not need to display plates and for which insurance is not compulsory ( although I do have it). Jim
  13. Jimo

    Petition to legalizing throttle only eBikes for the disabled

    My bike was produced in 2011 and is a Batribike Quartz with a t&g throttle, at moment I’ve not used it because of a possible balance problem connected with previous heart attacks - but I’ve had Jimmy re-cell it’s battery case, a very nice job done and I look after it, but I understand that it...
  14. Jimo

    Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?

    Before I get too serious about riding I first have to be sure I still have the balance sorted out, I’ve built many model planes, last one was 5m span, prob is/was that I can no longer look skyward without loosing my balance, two years ago I had to sell my 26’ 4 berth cruiser that i’d had for 30...
  15. Jimo

    1961 motocomfort mobylette

    Ah yes, didn’t we all want a post office job with a bike to match - the Bantam of course - painted in red.
  16. Jimo

    1961 motocomfort mobylette

    Good little bike the NSU Quickly, remember them well but never had enough money to buy one . Now I have my Sunbeam S8 that I’ve owned for 50+ years but it’s getting too heavy for me at 82 after couple of heart attacks and 9 stents. Jim
  17. Jimo

    1961 motocomfort mobylette

    It could be worth £200 or so, worth making a bid, those machines usually came with a Sachs 50cc engine. Good luck Jim
  18. Jimo

    BB Quartz - Fork suspension seized

    Thanks Andy for your valued interest, it’s appreciated. HNY greetings to you and yours. Jim
  19. Jimo

    BB Quartz - Fork suspension seized

    Andy, Thanks for the info, I’ve not yet sorted the suspension problem (laziness I suppose?)....not really but found the other day that my strength is not yet adequate to be safe on the bike with my heart failure condition - but signs are that I’m on the mend which really pleases me. I’ve just...
  20. Jimo

    BB Quartz - Fork suspension seized

    Thank you Sturmey I’ll try that tomorrow. Jim